Defender Exclusion Tool v1.3      

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Reviewed on January 17, 2019

Defender Exclusion Tool can manage exclusions directly from Explorer

Antivirus applications can create performance issues by unnecessarily removing critical files during a scan. Such files need to be excluded from being processed.

Whitelisting files to prevent Windows Defender from giving you false positives is unnecessarily complicated. You must open Virus & Threat Protection via Update and Security in Windows Settings, clicking your way through Defender Security Center to get there. Only then can you add or remove a file, folder, file type and process exclusions under the Virus & Threat Protection settings menu.

In contrast, downloading free Defender Exclusion Tool to manage your Windows exclusions list will make life much easier, especially when you need to exclude a large number of files.

Using Defender Exclusion Tool to manage Windows exclusion list

Defender Exclusion Tool greatly improves the process of excluding files and folders from being scanned by Windows Defender. No setup is required - just unzip the downloaded file to any location.

Launch the application and either drag and drop the files and folders you want to be excluded from anti-virus scans onto Defender Exclusion Tool's graphic user interface or navigate to them using the File menu or toolbar button. Files can be removed from the list by selecting them and either dragging them to the trash can icon on the toolbar or clicking Delete Selected in the File menu.

You can also launch the interface at any time to view all the files and folders in your exclusions list.

Add Defender Exclusions to the right-click menu and use in Explorer

For even faster Windows exclusion list management, you can add Defender Exclusions to the Windows Explorer context menu. Open the Options menu on the Defender Exclusion Tool menu bar and select the item to add Files and Folders. This will allow you to right-click from Windows Explorer to bring up the context menu comprised of Add an exclusion, Remove an exclusion or Launch Defender Exclusion Tool. The Options menu also provides for you to enable display via the Shift-key. This will provide for only displaying add, remove or launch options when holding the Shift key while right-clicking.

Command line support provides:

  • /A : Add an exclusion to Windows Defender
  • /D : Delete and exclusion from Windows Defender

Defender Exclusion Tool is a useful utility specifically built to efficiently manage a Windows exclusions list and eliminate the time-consuming task of adding files and folders to be excluded from anti-virus scans via your Windows Settings. It's a very simplistic solution to preventing Defender from scanning and maybe deleting files that are critical to the operation of your Windows 8, 8.1 or Windows 10 system.

Software Product Description

Easily add files and folders to Windows Defender Exclusions List with this handy portable tool.