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Reviewed on November 14, 2018

Simple desktop calendar for quick reference to days and dates

A convenient free desktop calendar, Desktop.Calendar.Tray.OK is all you really need for checking days and dates. While it is not intended for scheduling or complex notations, this simple, easy to use utility provides you with both short and long date formats so that you can quickly copy and paste dates into other applications.

Desktop.Calendar.Tray.OK sits in the system tray so that any time you need to confirm a date or find out the day of the week of a future date, etc., you need only to click the icon to bring up the calendar.

Using your convenient free desktop calendar

Download, extract and launch the free desktop calendar. The current month and future few months are displayed with the current day boxed, and the date in the short format displayed as a key to the box at the bottom left of the screen. The date also displays in long format at the center-bottom. You can find out how many days there are until a future date by clicking that date. The number of days and weeks until then are displayed at the bottom right of the screen.

Right- and left-hand arrows on the top row of months allow you to navigate back and forth in time.

Under Program on the menu bar, you'll find closing and minimizing options to minimize to the system tray, and to start the program with Windows. The only other menu tab is Language which lists the available languages you can switch to.

Check out the day of the week and the time involved until appointments or meetings

While it's not a scheduling tool, the free desktop calendar allows you to quickly check the suitability of a future date when you're setting up an appointment with the added benefit of knowing how long you have until that day.

You can also switch to a display of years which provides a faster navigation method. Click on any month and the display will feature months of the displayed years instead of days of the month, with the current month highlighted. Click on a month to bring up the monthly calendar for that period of time. The current date during that year will be highlighted and the number of weeks and days until then displayed. You can click on any date to find out how long to go until then. The number of weeks and days will display bottom right.

Clicking the short format version of today's date will always bring you back to the current date and forthcoming months.

Desktop.Calendar.Tray.OK Features

  • Optional convenient taskbar access
  • Shows days and weeks before a future date
  • Cut and paste either format of the date
  • Optional background utility
  • Low resource usage
  • Portable
  • Multilingual

For quick and handy reference to dates, this free desktop calendar is a convenient tool which is portable, uses minimal resources and is multilingual. It is compatible with any Windows XP and up.

Software Product Description

Your alternative to the Windows OS built-in calendar.


"Handy Calendar"

Reviewer: -Fuse47

Review Date: 2018-11-14

Pros: Very handy to have at hand pinned to your taskbar

Cons: None that I can see

Other Thoughts: None


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