ETAC Code Generator v2-0-3-ena      

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Release Date:   2020-08-01

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Reviewed on April 22, 2019

Are you fond of working with the highly advanced ETAC programming language? Or perhaps you want to find a way of utilizing it efficiently? Either way, the ETAC Code Generator can be an ideal option to consider. Not only is it a text and program source code generator, but it is also highly advanced in terms of being programmable template-based software.

By essence, the ETAC Code Generator utilizes a template language that comes with capabilities extended by scripts. The latter, in particular, is written in the aforementioned programming language. So, what makes it different from its contemporaries? How can it be more substantial?

A Glimpse of ETAC Code Generator's Features

The software allows users to specify a template file and even input arguments, both of which can be done either on an input dialog box or command line. The idea is to simply allow users to generate and/or maintain computer program source code and/or text files.

Here are some of its many interesting features:

  • Comes with ECGL, which is basically a unique and sophisticated declarative template language
  • Through the ECGL, the software easily updates code fragments of different computer programming source files
  • Users can conditionally process template lines
  • Commands and/or instructions can either be processed or modified while a template file is being worked on
  • Offers flexibility in terms of editing blocks of text lines, thanks to ETAC scripts
  • ETAC scripts give users the ability to interact with ease during the processing of template files
  • Allows generated lines to be incorporated directly to a template file
  • Generated lines can also be aligned and merged with parts of other generated lines

Why Use the ETAC Code Generator?

If you want a top-notch yet easy to understand a way of working with and maintaining any source code language, then the ETAC Code Generator can be of tremendous help. The coolest thing about it is having the ability to leverage and/or utilize the full power of the ETAC programming language.

Software Product Description

Program source code generator and maintainer.