EVE (Embedded Vector Editor) v3.56      

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Reviewed on July 25, 2018

EVE (embedded vector editor) is an incredibly small, portable, and unique free vector editor and graphics drawing tool. Although it's small in size, it's an effective program that includes all the necessary features you'd expect in a vector editor.

EVE can be used for organization charts, layout design, project planning, code design, building plans, circuit diagrams, process control, brainstorming, or any task requiring line drawings.

Features and Functions

Primary Features of EVE

  • Includes pre-made elements to add to your diagram quickly. Shapes include an Ellipse, Partial Ellipse, Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Polygon, Polyline, Sticky lines (bezier, segmented, straight), Un-sticky straight line, and Labels.
  • Additional elements are also available which include a Picture Icon, Page Grid, Animation Activator, Link Activator, Input/Output elements, Connectors, Auxillary Storage, and several Processing elements.
  • Right-clicking the current window will display a handy context menu that lists all elements to add to your diagram quickly.
  • Features a TextFind and ElementFind function to locate any text or element quickly.
  • Handy Selection feature to individually select and manipulate elements rapidly.
  • The Toolbox lets you customize the EVE's interface as well as modify the library tools according to your needs.
  • The Preferences dialog allows you to change several settings to EVE such as your preferred text editor, character set, web browser, image editor, display options, print options, mouse options, and more.

Import and Export Features

  • Import Template function allows you to open any .EVE file and apply all settings to the currently open file.
  • Import Diagram feature lets you merge another EVE diagram with the currently open diagram. Once you import the diagram, you have the opportunity to manipulate the selected elements.
  • Import Picture function will import any supported image into the currently opened file. Supported images are BMP, GIF, and JPG graphics files.
  • You can export files as an embedded object or you can select certain elements to export rather than the whole diagram.


EVE is a handy and useful free vector editor with advanced capabilities although it's small in size. It's surprisingly powerful, easy to use, portable, and is easily sharable using almost any device that sends attachments.

Software Product Description

An incredible, extremely powerful, and versatile free vector editor/drawing tool.


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