What's New in version 8.14:

  • Improved support of multi-monitor configurations
  • Optimized export of notes
  • Search and replace function in notes now works correctly for hyperlinks
  • Fixed grouping of tasks in EPIM Today
  • Fixed AV error when printing Calendar's week view
  • Couple of other minor fixes

What's New in version 8.13:

  • Right clicking on an email address within message body allows you to add it straight into contacts
  • Optimized handling of complex email messages
  • Improved paste as plain text feature in Notes
  • Fixed couple of inconsistencies with Vertical view in Mail
  • Text background color in Notes will now be synchronized with Android EPIM
  • Fixed couple of minor issues with iCloud sync
  • Better performance of Advanced search
  • Improved printout of short calendar events
  • Read/Unread feature now works as expected in Mail
  • Overall stability improvements

What's New in version 8.12:

  • Quickly add mail folders to EPIM Today by right clicking on them in Mail
  • Optimized exporting of emails into PDF
  • Improved synchronization with iCloud, Google Calendar and Google Tasks
  • Much better scaling of email messages for high resolution monitors
  • Improved operation of EPIM in offline mode
  • Filtering of tasks by date now works as expected
  • Adjusted spell-checking feature in mail for better results
  • Improved movement of tasks and notes within trees using keyboard shortcuts
  • Fixed couple of issues related to quick filtering of email rules
  • Ability to jump to the results section in Advanced Search using the Tab key
  • No more visible source code when printing out items with bulleted or numbered lists
  • Fixed couple of issues in notes specifically related to inserted pictures
  • Fixed all other known minor issues

What's New in version 8.1:


  • Database Management window shows more information about size of data stored
  • It is now possible to use bullets/numbered lists in notes field of any module
  • Improved filtering on tags
  • Off-line mode is now a property of database, not EPIM instance
  • Copy-pasting tags now works better
  • More convenient filtering on date column by choosing data range
  • It is possible to send item by email straight from Advanced search
  • It is now possible to compose newsletters in HTML


  • It is now possible to select which Google calendars to synchronize with
  • Synchronization of shared Google calendars is fully supported, including read-only ones
  • When deleting categories, it is now possible to delete all appointments/tasks
  • Table view now has filter possibility
  • Birthday events have own category
  • It is now possible to change number of months shown in Year view
  • Tasks panel in Calendar can now have grid and alternate lines

EPIM Today:

  • It is possible to filter appointments and tasks separately by categories


  • Now it is possible to quick-reply to email
  • Advanced notifications about new mail in Windows Action Center
  • New additional view in Mail
  • It is now possible to export mail into PDF*
  • Showing pictures inside emails (inline)
  • It is now possible to export/import mail rules*
  • It is possible to change subjects for mail messages


  • It is possible to change order of fields for groups in Contacts
  • During import of contacts, it is possible to omit duplicates

What's New in version 8.05:

  • Fixed issue with EPIM not responding for some IMAP mail accounts
  • Other stability and performance improvements

What's New in version 8.04:

  • Made improvements related to Gmail and mail accounts
  • Other bug fixes and stability improvements

What's New in version 8.03:

  • Optimized synchronization with iOS devices for faster speeds
  • Improved synchronization of recurring events with Google Calendar
  • Quick search now filters items correctly based on the selected criteria
  • Converting email messages into notes works as expected now
  • Search by tags is fixed in Notes
  • Improved the auto scaling feature for Calendar
  • Sorting of all day events by drag&drop in Calendar's Week view now remembers its order
  • Fixed issue with incorrect occurrences of recurring tasks
  • AV error in Newsletter is fixed in some rare occasions when trying to change font
  • Fixed canned responses in Mail as they were not always saved right after creation
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements

What's New in version 8.02:

  • Tooltips and copy-paste functionality are back for tags
  • Ability to search for tags in the Select Tags dialog window
  • Select Tags window can now be changed in size, it also remembers its last position on the screen
  • Improvements in synchronization with Google services (Calendar and Tasks)
  • Couple of adjustments to the adaptive spam filtering mechanism
  • Optimizations for EPIM Cloud sync
  • Improved synchronization with Android EPIM for EssentialPIM Pro Business users with limited rights
  • Select Parent Item window for tasks and notes can now be made smaller or bigger
  • Improved sorting in Tasks with applied filters
  • Added ability to use the Split Cells feature for previously merged table cells in Notes
  • Fixed handling of email signatures containing links and pictures
  • Improved sorting of email messages by subject (for 'Re: ', 'FW: ', 'Fwd: ', etc., prefixes)
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes

What's New in version 8.01:

  • Improved linking of items and their availability under the related items tab
  • Due date for tasks should be working as expected in all cases now
  • Fixed issue with EssentialPIM sometimes starting outside monitor borders
  • Couple of tweaks regarding adaptive spam filtering mechanism
  • Reminders should now be correctly shown when EPIM starts up
  • Fixed couple of issues related to EssentialPIM Pro Business
  • Other fixes and improvements

What's New in version 8.0

  • Tags explorer is a new powerful way to see all items that are tagged*
  • Search inside notes of each item (Ctrl+F)*
  • Create new tasks straight from Calendar*
  • Ability to select parent items when creating tasks and notes via shortcuts*
  • Improved conversion of email messages into other EPIM items (appointments, tasks, notes)*
  • EssentialPIM's own adaptive anti-spam filter
  • Add current date to most printouts from EssentialPIM
  • In Week/Week Agenda/Month/Year view now it is possible to manually drag events to place them in your custom order
  • Long-awaited advanced features to work with tables in Notes
  • Heavy improvements to Find and Replace dialog in Notes
  • Add custom fields for password entries
  • Create additional fields for the 'Address' section in Contacts
  • Better display of recurring appointments in advanced search results
  • On printing emails, a list of attachments is added
  • Improved drag and drop of items in between the folders in many cases
  • Numerous other improvements in all modules

What's New in version 7.66:

  • Improved synchronizations with Android EPIM and
  • iCal subscription should work as expected for Airbnb feeds
  • Optimizations regarding handling and opening of attachments from email messages
  • Improved dragging and dropping of exclusive events within calendar
  • Tags field can now be printed out for appointments and tasks
  • Internal links within email messages will now work as expected
  • Fixed sending out formatted notes via email
  • Better integration for systems with 2 or more monitors
  • Fixed couple of rare AV errors when closing contact dialog windows containing some specific data
  • Other minor bug fixes

What's New in version 7.65:

  • Improved contacts synchronization with
  • 'Leave messages on server' option now works as expected for the POP3 type of mail accounts
  • Fixed couple of minor issues for IMAP accounts when receiving mail
  • Rich text signature will always look ok for plain text mail messages
  • Fixed rare synchronization issue with EPIM Cloud
  • Coupe of other fixes and stability improvements

What's New in version 7.64:

  • Improved synchronization of tasks with Toodledo
  • Much faster import of huge iCal files
  • Better EPIM handling on systems with multiple monitors
  • Improvements related to synchronization with EPIM Cloud and to synchronization of Android EPIM with WinEPIM (running on Chinese Windows)
  • Fixed lots of problems in Mail module
  • Other minor bug fixes

What's New in version 7.63:

  • Ability to clear the search box by pressing the ESCAPE button
  • Roll up/down sticky notes by double clicking on the title bar
  • UI improvements
  • Improved printing of appointments
  • Fixed synchronization of tasks priorities with Android EPIM and several other rare sync problems
  • Fixed issues with setting up shortcuts in the programís settings
  • Couple of fixes and improvements for IMAP mail accounts
  • Other minor bug fixes

What's New in version 7.62:

  • Many improvements regarding how EssentialPIM looks like on high resolution displays
  • Much faster synchronization with Android EPIM (especially noticeable if you synchronize attachments)
  • Ability to copy only a part of the email address in preview
  • EPIM will now check if there's similar shortcuts in use when setting up new ones in options
  • Improved import from Outlook and synchronization with
  • Sync speed optimizations and sync algorithm improvements for EPIM Cloud
  • Improved drag and drop support of recurring events in calendar
  • More intuitive handling of fields in contacts
  • Changes in email signatures will now be reflected immediately
  • Minor improvements about how reminders are handled (now similarly to Android EPIM)
  • Couple of calendar printing improvements
  • Tags field can be switched on/off in any module
  • Fully functional PGP key management feature in mail
  • Unicode text in iCal (.ics) files is fully supported now
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

What's New in version 7.6:

  • Send mass-mail newsletters with rich-text
  • A special yellow line at the top indicates if something's filtered in the view
  • Tags and attachments are synchronized with EPIM Android
  • The reminder window has a new setting to 'stay on top'
  • To/From addresses in email now have features to copy/add to address book/compose email/create rule
  • Ability to use AND/OR operators in quick search
  • 'Show in Calendar' default option for tasks
  • Forward tasks and appointments as iCal and contacts as vCard via email
  • Message rules now have additional parameter 'is/isn't in Contacts'
  • Forward multiple emails at once
  • Regular/Detailed views for 'by due/start date' in tasks
  • Import iCal file by dragging and dropping it into calendar window
  • Limit Google Calendar and Android EPIM synchronizations by date range
  • Task templates now remember dates, as well
  • It is possible to convert contacts to tasks or appointments
  • EPIM Today can now show tasks for up to 99 days in advance
  • Tasks import from iCal improved
  • Improved copy/pasting from browser to notes
  • Improved synchronization with Android EPIM
  • Improved moving of recurring events on the calendar's grid
  • Improved advanced search
  • Improved drag and drop of contacts and passwords into the groups
  • iCloud synchronization fixes
  • Fixed synchronization to

What's New in version 7.54:

  • Undo feature now works for a tasks pane in calendar view
  • Improved synchronization of notes with Google Drive
  • More secure option to hide private items
  • Some optimizations for CalDAV type of synchronization
  • Auto lock feature will also work if minimizing the main window to taskbar
  • Better integration of recurring events in advanced search results
  • Some improvements to synchronization
  • Even easier sing in for Google Apps mail accounts
  • Copy-paste of tasks into calendar now works as expected
  • Calendar (iCal) subscription feature stability improvements
  • Support of password length up to 255 characters in mail
  • Filtering mail messages by their statuses works as expected now
  • Spell check will not be active in Sticky notes anymore if disabled in options
  • Other minor performance and bug fixes

What's New in version 7.53:

  • Many optimizations and improvements in synchronization with EPIM Cloud
  • Ability to simultaneously open mail templates multiple times
  • Synchronization with iPhone and iPad devices is improved
  • Fixed couple of issues related to synchronization with Google services and
  • Better integration with Dropbox, speed improvements
  • CSV export now works as expected for contacts
  • Smoother integration of the drag and drop feature for attachments in notes
  • Improved the 'Leave message on the server' option for POP3 mail accounts
  • Changing a note's properties to 'read only' will not alter its contents
  • Moving mail messages in between folders works correctly now even with applied filters
  • Improved import of tasks into EPIM from iCal (ics) files
  • Some other minor bugfixes and updates

What's New in version 7.52:

  • Adjusted the iCal subscription feature, to make it better compatible with the iCal providing services
  • Couple of fixes and improvements regarding synchronization with
  • Synchronization of custom recurring patterns for tasks with Android EPIM
  • Starred labels for email messages will now be correctly synchronized across other mail clients
  • Event invites from Outlook should now be correctly handled in mail
  • Improved synchronization with Google Drive
  • Insert date and time directly into a sticky note using shortcut
  • Drag and copy (holding Ctrl-key) of events now works as expected in calendar
  • Improved handling of custom fields in tasks
  • Better integration of sticky notes with multiple monitor systems
  • Faster loading times of the Insert Hyperlink dialog window for database internal items
  • Better handling of pictures when copy-pasting data from browsers into EPIM notes
  • Fixed and improved many other minor issues

What's New in version 7.5:

  • Synchronization with Office 365/
  • Secure password items synchronization with Google Drive
  • Offline mode, whereby EPIM suppresses all attempts to use Internet and works autonomously
  • It is now possible to subscribe to iCal calendars
  • Request read receipt for all outgoing messages
  • Properties of each item, showing when item was created and last changed
  • Export/import selected data into/to another EPIM database file
  • Canned responses in email
  • Feature to apply the column setup to different views
  • Alt+click on an item's link to open it in a new window
  • Mail (IMAP and especially Gmail) support significantly improved - faster, better recognition of folders
  • Related items tab and hyperlinking heavily improved for better display of recurring events
  • Improvement for OAuth Gmail setup
  • Envelope printing remembers templates
  • Major UI improvements for Sticky Notes
  • Improved items export/import
  • Improved Calendar behaviors
  • Category synchronization improvement for compatibility with Android EPIM version
  • Moved to new Dropbox API and improved authorization
  • Improved changing dates for Calendar Appointments and Tasks

What's New in version 7.24:

  • Better integration with Gmail accounts (IMAP)
  • Copy and paste from Excel into EPIM's email now works correctly
  • The 'Auto Type' feature in Passwords should work more consistently
  • Optimization of the mail removal process
  • Synchronization of Unicode characters will work correctly with all CalDAV services
  • Improved letter bar in Contacts
  • Fixed issue with EssentialPIM.exe process staying in memory, preventing automatic program's updates
  • Other bug fixes and stability improvements

What's New in version 7.23:

  • Reminders for recurring tasks function like they used to in 6.x series
  • Improved consistency when working with Google Mail
  • Optimized synchronization of custom contact fields with Android EPIM
  • Insert key for adding attachments works flawlessly again
  • No more phantom (dismissed) reminders for appointments and tasks
  • Better integration with Yahoo mail service
  • Fixed a rare Access Violation error when switching between EPIM views or modules
  • Undo for deleted tasks will not accidentally switch active lists
  • Copy-paste of special characters from notes to email now works correctly
  • Couple of other minor fixes

What's New in version 7.22:

  • Improved Calendar's UI for high-resolution monitors
  • Only visible tasks in EPIM Today will be printed out
  • Copying and pasting appointments will not trigger their reminders
  • Fixed inability to print labels using certain fonts
  • Fixed a UI glitch when dragging and dropping mail folders
  • Changes made to tasks reminders and completion percentages will stay
  • Passwords synchronization with Android EPIM now works as expected
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

What's New in version 7.21:

  • New ability to drag and drop tasks in between lists in the Calendar and EPIM Today views
  • Optimizations and fixes for the Related Items tab
  • UI adjustments for the high-res monitors
  • Templates editing for Labels and Envelopes now works as expected
  • Changing font size in settings will be reflected in the calendar
  • Tasks printing should work correctly for all filled in fields
  • Fixed couple of Google Contacts and Toodledo sync related errors
  • Links for EPIM items from outside the program should now be fully functional
  • AV error message in mail when dragging and dropping text is no more
  • Fixed coupe of minor security issues