Fact200 1.09      

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Release Date:   2008-05-13

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OS:  Win 2000/XP/2003

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Software Product Description

Fact200 is both an Internet search client and a news feed reader that concentrates on finding, sifting, and browsing information while filtering out the junk. Because of this, Fact200, by default, ignores javascript, flash, and extensions that are the cause of much of the spyware, annoyance, and distractions present on web pages.

Blogs, news sites, search, and feeds all provide a bountiful and growing source of information. The browser started out as a single instance, single window application browsing mostly text content. Now, with faster computers, bigger disks, and larger badnwidth, it has evolved to the multi-window, multi-tabbed, and multimedia browser we find today. For those still struggling to keep up with the flood of data, Fact200 further reduces the cost of viewing and organizing web pages.

  • By pre-loading and pre-rendering web pages, the time needed to view them is virtually nil.
  • By caching the results, pages are easily stored and retrieved from a local library.
  • By Indexing the results, pages are easily found and recalled.
  • By providing customizable sources and categories, an abundance of web pages are easily found to fill your library.
  • By integrating with social linking sites, favorite web pages are returned back to the Internet.

What's New in version 1.09:

  • fix many library settings, history, and saved terms not saving to disk
  • fix Google Images next link parsing