Fistful of Frags      

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Release Date:   2017-10-26

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Reviewed on October 26, 2017

There haven't been a ton of games that were set in the old west. Sure, Red Dead Redemption made the setting look great and past games like Call of Juarez or GUN did their part, but most developers still avoid the era. That's quite strange, considering how fertile the ground is for video game mechanics. After all, this is quite literally the era of gunfights! Fortunately, a few developers have started looking at this setting as a good place for games. One such game is Fistful of Frags, a game that leverages the Old West for some truly interesting gunfights.

Frag in a Spaghetti Western Setting with Unique Game Modes

If you can't tell from the name, Fistful of Frags throws players into a spaghetti western setting in order to have them kill one another. It's not exactly the deepest game in the world, but it doesn't have to be - simply putting a new skin on a tried-and-true type of gameplay works wonders. Fistful of Frags has a handful of decent game modes that allow for both individual and team play while still offering something for everyone. With fairly realistic weapons and some interesting twists on the usual formula, it certainly stands out among the horde of shooters that are currently available on Steam.

It's the setting that really makes this game stand out. There have been a few Old West deathmatch games here or there, but none like this. You can go free for all, push for objectives, or even play some unique modes that feel a bit more like the Old West of the movies. The gameplay is competent and the graphics are decent, but what really stands out is the environments. You just don't get to see stuff like this in most shooters. It's a great break from the hallways, trenches, and the sci-fi locales that make up most shooters.

Worth Playing if You Can Look Past the Bugs

It'd be nice if the game itself was better, though. It's a buggy, glitchy mess that still needs a lot of love. It's free, sure, but that's really no excuse. Everything needs at least one more pass from the developers. The only saving grace really is that the game is free and that keeping a community means continuing to support the game. If the glitches can get ironed out, there could be something special here. As it stands, you'll be left feeling a bit angry that something so unique could be so rushed.

Fistful of Frags wants to be a good game. It's good everything it needs to be an addictive, fun free shooter. Unfortunately, the bugs really bring down the playability. If you can look past the bugs, stop raging when glitches cost you a match and see what's underneath, you'll have fun. No one would blame you if you move on, though. This game really needs to be better than it is to have any kind of shelf-life. If the developers don't fix what's wrong, the game will hopefully still prove to others that the Old West is still a great setting for shooters.

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Unique first person shooter set in the Old West.