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Release Date:   2017-05-25

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Reviewed on May 25, 2017

Fling is a new tool designed to save you time and trouble - regardless of the program you're currently using - when you're in the middle of a project and need to find or check some information online.

The innovative application eliminates having to open your internet browser to search for more facts, information or references every time you need to fully explain, or expand upon, the subject of the project you're working on. Imagine writing an essay, presentation, blog or news article in Word and finding you need to check a reference or get additional information. Or, you're busy working on code for your website and need to check a URL. Or, you need to add a citation to a statement in your spreadsheet. Then, think about how convenient it would be if you no longer needed to open your browser and copy a keyword to the search bar.

With Fling on board, it's as easy as selecting a key word or key-phrase and invoking the shortcut to bring up Fling's pop-up clickable menu listing search engines and utilities. Your keyword is automatically copied to Fling, so you just choose from your customized list of search engines, and off you go. Install it and you'll find it so convenient and time-saving that you'll wonder how you ever managed without it!

Fling is customizable

The installed application allows you to change both the shortcut key and the search engines you prefer to work with. The default shortcut Ctrl+Alt+S can be changed in the settings panel and the default search engines can be changed by editing a simple text file, accessible from the Fling pop-up menu.

Customizing the shortcut key

Right-click the Fling icon in the systray and click "Customize Fling Shortcut" on the pop-up menu. In the box provided, change the default Ctrl+ Alt+S to Ctrl+ or Ctrl+Alt+ any letter not currently being used for another global command.

Customizing the list of search engines

Right-click the Fling icon and click "Add/Remove Search Engine" in the menu. Change the order, add or remove a search engine in a text editor following the format provided. Add, using the next Name number, typing in the name as you want it to appear in the menu. Then type in the Path number and path to the search engine, or the search engine and filetype, ending with the applicable query parameter, i.e. ?p= or ?search_query= or ?q=. Ensure that you are using the correct query parameter - in most cases ?q=.




Name9=Google MP3

The Developers

TheFreeWindows develops utilities and apps for Windows software and features an entire range of Windows freeware on it's website.

Software Product Description

Copies selected text and searches the web using your favorite search engines.