Free Color Picker 1.1      

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Release Date:   2019-09-03

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Reviewed on August 23, 2019

Get the color of any pixel with Free Color Picker.

Capturing color is simple with Free Color Picker from Pazera Software. You add the exact color you want to the color palette by simply placing the cursor over the area and pressing the F4 key. The screen magnifier will enlarge the selected area up to 30x. The other part of the program is a built-in color editor where you can edit the color if necessary. The color editor is highly versatile - you can sort colors, generate more, search colors and much more.

Capture colors from JPG, PNG, GIF, and BMP files

Download portable Free Color Picker - it's available in both Windows 32-bit or 64-bit versions - and launch to the primary user interface. The image preview window is positioned at left and the Color Palette at right under the toolbar.

To pick a color, open the image file in the application - JPG, PNG, GIF and BMP files are supported, click the magnifier icon on the toolbar to select a magnification level and position your cursor in the area of the color you intend to capture.

The numerical code for your targeted color is displayed on the toolbar for RGB and HTML. Additional codes, including CMYK and HSL, and RGB percentages and color bars, are provided in an information panel below the preview window. Your XY coordinates are also displayed as are notification of capture and copy shortcuts - F4 to capture and F3 to copy it to the clipboard to use in other applications. You can alternatively specify coordinates to pick your targeted color.

An options menu enables you to specify the color capturing time interval to create the preview image, change color and format for copying and resample shape algorithm. You can also uncheck the defaults to eliminate the code panels if you prefer, there is a drop-down language menu.

Multipurpose color editor

In addition to editing captured colors, the color editor provides access to modifying and sorting the entire palette. Accessing the color editor interface provides you with a tool bar with all the required tools. Color information columns display the numeric codes for each color. Colors are listed by name and swatch and are drag and droppable. Palettes are saved as JSON text files with the .colors extension or as GPL.

The color editor enables you to:

  • Change color name and value, add and remove colors.
  • Select the sorting method by name, number or value plus RGB channel intensity or CYMK or HSL components.
  • Modify any color - convert to greyscale, invert channels, change saturation, brightness, contrast levels and more.
  • Generate random colors and gradients.
  • Use the color wheel's graphical HSL space representation for triadic, tetradic colors.

The options window enables the color format of the palette, the width of the swatches, and the row height to be changed. Background and font colors can be changed and preferences for showing the toolbar, naming the color, and the placement of the color within the palette can be selected.

A useful program for picking and working with colors in website design, Free Color Picker is compatible with any 32- or 64-bit version of Windows. It is portable enabling you to download the application and save it to and optical drive to be used on any Windows computer.

Software Product Description

An advanced, easy to use, free color picker, color palette editor, and screen magnifier.

What's New in version 7.3.9-0:

  • Color Palette Editor: New columns: RGB Red, RGB Green, RGB Blue, HSL CSS Hue, HSL CSS Sat, HSL CSS Lum, HSL WIN Hue, HSL WIN Sat, HSL WIN Lum, CMYK Cyan, CMYK Magenta, CMYK Yellow, CMYK Black
  • Color Palette Editor: The list of default visible columns and their arrangement have been changed.
  • Color Palette Editor: New menu with a list of columns displayed after right-clicking on the table header. Now it is more color consistent with the other elements of the application interface.
  • Color Palette Editor: A new toolbar button that displays a list of available columns.
  • Color Palette Editor: Added the ability to filter colors based on the color name and the RGB, HSL and CMYK component values.
  • Color Palette Editor: Background, text and header colors have been added for most columns.
  • Pixel indicator in the screen magnifier: the ability to set the color and type of indicator (square, small cross, medium cross, full cross) has been added.
  • Color Editor: The calculation of HSL color component values in the rainbow color picker has been improved.
  • Random Colors: Predefined sets (presets) of ranges of RGB channel values and HSL CSS components have been added. Available presets: Pastels (light and dark), Intensive, Dark, Light, Grayscale.
  • Random Colors: Added option to lock selected range on sliders to change RGB and HSL color components.
  • A context menu with a list of color management commands has been added to several tool windows.
  • Palette export to HTML: Added option to disable saving of JSON code in generated HTML files.
  • The ability to quickly switch the size of the main window has been added: small size (Ctrl + Shift + 1), medium (Ctrl + Shift + 2) and large (Ctrl + Shift + 3).
  • Commands displaying / hiding the panel with color codes and the bottom panel with the cursor position have been added to the main and context menu. Previously, this could only be done in the program options window.
  • In the Options window you can now create a shortcut to the program on the System Desktop.
  • Changed Color Wheel icon.
  • Minor changes in the position and size of several components to correctly display texts in different languages.
  • Translations: Added support for some missing strings (Random colors, open dialog, save dialog, dialog filter, lblResampler ...).
  • New translations: Greek, Japanese, Slovenian.