Friendkeeper 1.5      

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Release Date:   2007-07-12

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Software Product Description

Friendkeeper is a tool to keep track of the current financial situation within a group of people, i.e. to keep track of who owes who. If we had studied economics we might have been talking about things like accounting, debit and credit.

Use Friendkeeper for Arrangements: If you are a couple of people arranging a party, FriendKeeper can be used to keep track of who paid for what. If the guests share the cost you can note the money you get as an income using the Single Income wizard.

Use Friendkeeper At home: FriendKeeper is an excellent tool for people that are living together but don't share their economy. Whenever you buy food or anything that belongs to the common household, just make a note in FriendKeeper.

Use Friendkeeper At work: Maybe you take turns on who's to buy lunch? Again, FriendKeeper is there to take care of the situation.

Use Friendkeeper On vacation: This use case is where the idea got started. We were on vacation and after a few days didn't remember who had paid for what. We started using pen and paper to sort it out and realized that although it worked a computer program would do the job much better. Whether or not you want to bring a computer on your vacation is of course another issue :).

Requires Java Runtime Environment. Get It Here.