HappyBirthday ANNA      

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Release Date:   2012-03-04

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Software Product Description

Reminds you on birthdays and matching gifts and more... You will be notified about birthdays and important events. You will have enough time to write an email and to find and to buy a gift.

Versions automatically records a history of changes made to your contacts and lets you browse through previous versions using the build-in Time Wheel.

Happy Birthday gives the independence from the computer, because you can get you contact data from any other computer using the synchronization with our web server.

Happy Birthday - it is an Application that:

  • reminds you on events (birthdays, holidays etc.)
  • lets you store and synchronize your contacts on the web server
  • the application can be used without internet connection
  • helps you easy and very fast to write the emails
  • helps you to choose and to buy the gifts without to loose the big amount of time.

The information source for Happy Birthday are Birthdays in the Friends group and the dates in every year, every month, every week and every day modes in the Events group.

On basis of this data Happy Birthday generates notifications. The on notification occurrence the user can the options to write an email or to find and to buy a gift.

For the data safety and security reasons Happy Birthday offers the advanced backup system called Time Wheel.

On March 03, 2012, we released the new HappyBirthday Version "ANNA" with following features: Mobility of your contacts

  • Contacts from friends in the online mode
  • Optimization for iPhone и Android
Control of the music of notifications
  • Enable / Disable
  • Volume control
  • Changing the Music in notifications
My website
  • Selection of the design of your website
  • Welcome to the home page text
  • Photo for Your Website
  • Correct their own contacts (optional)

E-mail mass mailings

Three types of data backup
  • Cloud-Server
  • TimeWheel
  • Store the contacts in HappyBirthday format
Exchanging contacts
  • Import vCards file
  • Export / import contacts via e-mail
Improved flow of information
  • Search / Filter contacts
  • Age calculation
  • Statistics
  • Determination of the Zodiac signs
  • Horoscope
Adjustment of the profile
  • Password change
"Easter Egg" - Screen Cop - copy of the desktop in the graphics file.