Hyperframe !CMS 4.0      

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Release Date:   2015-04-30

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OS:  OS independent (PHP/Webserver)

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Software Product Description

People are increasingly turning to file-based content management systems (CMS), which are different than mainstream products in the sense that they store webpages as disk files instead of using SQL databases. This makes it easy to transfer websites to different servers as all it requires is copying of the files. The system enhances simplicity, speed and portability and security. The system eliminates the risk of code injection hacks associated with databases.

A good file-based CMS is Hyperframe !CMS, which allows users to integrate pages written in standard HTML into a managed framework of cascading side or top menus, footers, banners and plug-ins among other types of dynamic content.

The program makes it even easier to import websites. While many file-based content management systems require significant conversion or rewriting of data, Hyperframe !CMS uses the popular HTML syntax. Anyone who understands HTML can easily import static websites.

Even those who have little understanding of coding can use the intuitive online editor, which allows them to add or edit page text without bothering about what happens behind the scenes. CKEditor provides the online page editing feature. The WYSIWYG-based editor allows users to edit directly on webpages without the need for any coding knowledge.

Since Hyperframe !CMS saves your webpages as conventional files on your disk, you can manage them easily using standard tools. You can easily check, copy, edit or back up the files. Importing static websites may be accomplished by copying files and adding required menus.

You will also find it easy to configure how the program works. You will not have any difficulty in understanding the few configuration options.

Hyperframe !CMS allows both designers and clients to update websites because it allows creation and editing of pages both locally and online. If clients make some mistakes, the roll-back feature allows webmasters to recover from the mistakes.

Hosting requirements: Apache 2 or similar webserver with PHP 5.2 or later.