IPaddress 3.0.1      

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Release Date:   2013-01-23

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IPaddress is a tiny utility that you can use to determine your IP address and lets you copy it to the computer's Clipboard. You can then paste it from there into whatever application or document that requires it.

You can also send your IP address with the build-in e-mail engine to fellow gamers or to friends or to colleagues at the office so that they can find your computer for remote access. Both WAN and LAN are supported.



Reviewer: -Ziba

Review Date: 2008-05-17

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Other Thoughts: Bob, I'm sorry, but you seem to have misunderstood the purpose of this program. The IP address you're talking about is your computer's connection to the LAN. This program - IPaddress - determines the IP address your ISP allocates to you when you connect to the Internet (unless you have a static IP address it will change every time you connect). Different thing.

A handy little program that works very well. It actually gives both IP addresses.


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