Imagen 3.1.3      

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License:   FREE

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Release Date:   2009-07-20

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OS:  Win 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP/2K3

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Software Product Description

Imagen is a freeware multimedia player initially developed for playing HAV files, later extended to support numerous other media formats. Imagen has a unique capability to play sequentially numbered images like they are a single video file. Image sequences are frequently generated by digital cameras, capture devices, 3D rendering software, etc. Use this player for quick preview before converting your images to more efficient video formats like MPEG, AVI or HAV.

Supported formats:

  • AVI, Windows Audio Video Interleaved
  • BAY, Bayer Image
  • BMP / DIB, Windows Device Independent Bitmap
  • FLC / FLI, Autodesk FLIC/FLIC-Pro
  • GIF, Graphics Interchange Format
  • HAV, High quality Audio Video
  • JPEG, Joint Photographic Expert Group
  • MOV, QuickTime (not all types)
  • MPA / MP2 / MP3, audio MPEG-1/2, Layer I/II/III
  • MPEG, Moving Pictures Expert Group, MPEG-1
  • OGG, OggVorbis Audio
  • PCX, Zsoft Paintbrush
  • PNG, Portable Network Graphics
  • PNM / PPM, Portable Image
  • RAS / SUN, Sun Raster Image
  • RGB / SGI, Silicon Graphics Image
  • TGA, Truevision Targa
  • TIFF, Tagged Image File Format
  • XPM, X-Pixmap
  • WAV, Windows Wave Sound
  • WMV, Windows Media (not all types)

What's New in version 3.1.1:

  • Changed: Current Image Info now displays file date and time
  • Fixed: Periodic checking for updates didn't remember user's choice