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Release Date:   2011-06-06  | Changelog

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7

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Software Product Description

InnoIDE is a brand new interface for generating Microsoft Windows installations using the free [InnoSetup] compiler from Jordan Russel.

InnoIDE simplifies the generation of installations by allowing InnoSetup scripts to be created and edited in a purely graphical way without having to edit the script manually.

Whether it's a small freeware application you've created, or a large, complex application, InnoIDE can help you create the perfect installation to fit your requirements.


  • Extremely intuitive user interface
  • Support for the latest version of InnoSetup, both unicode & non-unicode
  • Fully configurable syntax highlighting for Inno script & Pascal script
  • #include files are automatically opened and can be edited directly
  • Navigate your Pascal script quickly using the procedure/function list
  • Code experts - e.g. MessageBox expert (idea taken from GExperts)
  • Pascal code macros insert code structures as you type
  • Internet update function with support for proxy servers
  • Integrates with the InnoSetup project wizard

What's New in version

  • Editor font is now changed by CTRL + Mouse Wheel
  • Editor now supports unicode characters
  • Lists now remember their last selection when refreshing.
  • Improved the Function/Procedure list (issue with code comments)
  • Fixed issue Paste issue with some edit boxes
  • Fixed saving of unicode documents
  • Fixed issues with extra ' characters being added to the script
  • Fixed issue with code section being overwritten with previous versions