Instant Memory Cleaner 7.20      

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Release Date:   2009-01-14

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista

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Software Product Description

Front-end for Microsoft's command line ClearMem ( Windows XP ) and FreeMem ( Windows Vista ), which force pages out of physical memory and reduce the size of running processes' working sets, to a minimum.
  • Real-time free memory indicator included.
  • Real-time current memory details of your system are available anytime.
Instant Memory Cleaner is more effective with Windows XP and with better results, when the paging file is at least as large as the system's physical memory.


"Good but unnecessary GUI"

Reviewer: -PAR

Review Date: 2009-01-14

Pros: None

Cons: None

Other Thoughts: Try this for a while, it provides nice GUI to existing windows memory cleaner.

However, all memory cleaners (including fancy GUI) are unnecessary if Windows has scripts in its kernel which maintain RAM availability at its best every certain interval.

This why I valued CleanMem the most, every 30 secs will clean memory unobtrusively. Not like some cleaner/defragger which consume lot of CPU & memory when trying to release memory.


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