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Release Date:   2015-06-16

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Software Product Description

Do you have files that you would like to convert to JPEG format? Having images in JPEG format provides several advantages, especially considering it is the most common format that is compatible with almost every image-displaying device. JPEG2go is a handy application that makes the process easy. In addition to converting images to JPEG format, the free image converter will help you change the compression quality or size of a JPEG image.

JPEG2go features a small graphical user interface with clearly labeled options. To place an image you would like to convert, simply drag and drop it onto the application's DropZone. Another way of selecting image files to work on is by activating the application to watch the Clipboard, in which case it will automatically include an image you copy to the Clipboard.

You will need to make a few configurations. For example, you may choose to place the converted file in the same folder as the original file or select your preferred destination folder. If you select the option to use a different folder, you will need to browse and select it just below the folder options, and the application will display its path.

You can let it overwrite existing images with similar names without prompting you and include sub folders. If you want to resize an image, you simply need to mark the Resize check box and select the values you want using up and down buttons.

Please note that you need to set the required configurations prior to adding an image file.

JPEG2go is compatible with JPEG, GIF, TIF, BMP, PCX, PNG, Enhanced Metafile and Targa image files.