Jackson 1.34      

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Release Date:   2007-04-29

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Software Product Description

Jackson is DJ software that breaks with the past. It does not emulate the traditional DJ setup but truly unlocks the power of your computer. It is the first dedicated software package that offers sequencer-style mixing to the digital DJ.


  • Jackson allows DJs to alter the structure of songs while playing them: parts can be repeated, skipped, paused and reversed.
  • Tracks are automatically beat-matched and therefore always play in sync.
  • Powerful filters and effects allow the DJ to sculpt the sound to his/her liking.
  • The integrated browser facilitates the selection of songs. It lets the DJ preview the structure of songs and listen to them on a second audio device.
  • The built in recorder allows DJs to record their mixes without the need for additional equipment.
  • The integrated BeatMapper lets users analyze the rhythmic structure of songs.
  • Different computers running Jackson can be networked. In such a configuration several DJs can play together in perfect sync: all tracks on all computers are automatically beat-matched.
  • Jackson's sliders can be controlled by physical midi controllers. This allows for fast, tactile control and simultaneous changes to different sliders.
  • Jackson can generate a midi clock signal to tempo-sync external midi equipment.
  • A real time oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer is available for the techie DJ.


"Jackson 1.34"

Reviewer: -DM

Review Date: 2009-05-25

Pros: None

Cons: None

Other Thoughts: The only DJ software i know that works also on songs without a fixed tempo. On the other hand, it's still too limited - what about an option to play more than two songs at a time? a dedicated mixer with real volume faders is a must (right now there's only a crossfader).
But why complain on free software? hope they'll continue developing it (right now the project seems dead) or at least will make it open source.


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