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Release Date:   2007-03-16

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Software Product Description

JeffJr is a general purpose multimedia queueing tool that allows real-time triggering and mixing of multiple audio and video clips. It is aimed at presentations and live stage shows that involve complex multimedia manipulation: starting/stopping audio/video clips at specific points in the script, etc.

Instead of having a separate DVD player, a CD player and a paper cuesheet listing that requires a backstage technician to seek-start-stop the tracks (in addition to normal stage work such as controlling lighting and adjusting the sound at the mixing desk), JeffJr concentrates all these functions into a single program running from a computer.

With JeffJr, you can:

  • Insert any number of MP3, WAV or MIDI audio clips, MPEG, DivX or AVI video clips and JPEG, BMP, GIF and TIFF images into the clip library and set the default playback volume and other options for each of these files.
  • Trigger the playback of complex combinations of these clips by creating custom events. You can start/stop multiple video and audio clips at the same time and control them independently; fade-in/fade-out, automatically pause or loop a clip at specified cue markers, etc.
  • Edit your own web files and control the events via an easy-to-use web browser interface where events can be associated to clickable hyperlinks. Thus, the paper cuesheet and stage script become an electronic cuesheet that can be annotated and scrolled; events are started as easily as sufring the web.
On any computer with dual-screen capability, the control windows can be shown separately from the video display, thus allowing you complete control over multimedia playback without being restricted to mouse pointers or buttons appearing on the projection screen.