JetSoft Web Search 2.0      

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Release Date:   2008-05-12

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Software Product Description

JetSoft Web Search is software that let you search something in over 200 search engine that is categorized by subject. The new Web Search has a tab browsing feature that let you browse your web sites better and faster. We have added some new features to this version such as a website translator, a bookmark manager, a snapshot, tray icon that let you access Web Search faster and some new search methods that will be explained. We will now review the new version features:

I. More Facilities

  1. More search engines: Over 200 new search engines from different categories have added to this version for a better search result.
  2. Search engine addition ability: You can now add your ideal search engines to get access to them easier.
  3. Categorization: The search engines are categorized by subject for you to find your matching subject quicker.
  4. Tab Browsing: We have added the tab browsing feature to help you search and browse easier.
  5. Tray icon: Tray icon let you access web search faster that make you more convenient.
  6. Software updater: Web Search is now updateable. Updates will make your Web Search better, safer and more reliable.
  7. Arguments: Professionals and developers can use our command-line arguments that help them work with Web Search without running it.
  8. Snapshot: Snapshot will help you to get a screenshot from the websites that you opened with Web Search that used in some places that you can't copy information or a scene of a flash movie and so on.
  9. History: When you search something, the search query will be added in the history.
  10. UTF-8 Encoding: The previous version had some problems with Unicode encoding. In this version we have fixed it and you can use it for your language encoding.

II. More Search Methods

  1. Google Search: With the new Web Search you can access Google search engine faster; not just its web search, but also its other engines like: Image Search, Video Search, News Search and Map Search. This section also has a list of about 160 countries that you can use it for a local search.
  2. Multi Search: The Multi Search is a split-screen web search that helps you search anything in 4 different search engines.
  3. File Search: Now you can search your files in your computers too. File Search is a desktop search that helps you to search in your files just like what the Web Search does.
  4. Quick Search: This little software will runs at windows startup minimized that assists you search in Google search engine very fast. All the things you have to do is pressing Alt+Z keys to bring the Quick Search bar up, typing your requested query and hitting Return key.
  5. Wizard Search: If you looking for a special thing and you want a good result, Wizard Search will comes with you. This feature helps you search something with a wizard and step-by-step to get a better result.
  6. Custom Search: Add your ideal search engines and search in those with this utility. This is what Custom Search does for you.
  7. Site Search: With site search method, you can search anything in your sightly web site. For example, searching 'Politic' in 'MSNBC' web site.

III. More Utilities

  1. Web Browser: You can now browse your websites beside the search tabs without running a web browser to save the time of browsing.
  2. Web Translation: Having problem with foreign language websites? With Web Translation utility you can easily translate the language of a website to another language.
  3. Bookmark Manager: If you have found some good websites that you want to save them address to access them later; use this utility.
  4. RSS Reader: Web Search now has a RSS Reader too that helps you read the RSS feeds of websites quick in a split-screen window.
  5. Public Chat: We have added a public chat room to the new Web Search for you to talk with other users of Web Search.
  6. URL Generator: If you want to make a large number of similar URLs this utility is helping you. This engine assists you on building URLs.
  7. Currency Converter: Is currencies important for you? The Currency Converter helps you convert world currencies to each other. This utility has a notifier that will bring up at a specified event that you will set.
  8. Email Sender: This basic utility is an email tool that only sends emails. Working with this utility is very easy.
  9. Site List: We have made a list of about 200 top websites that you should see and you may like them.

Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.


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