Keyword Spider 1.0      

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Release Date:   2018-07-11

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Reviewed on July 11, 2018

Find the keywords and phrases that real people are searching right now!

Incredibly useful in your SEO efforts, Keyword Spider is a keyword research tool which creates datasets displaying user keyword searches as well as relevant advertising taglines, the domains competing for those keywords and phrases (paid search), and keyword difficulty (organic search).

Upon launch, the Keyword Spider interface displays a left-hand panel divided into 'Suggestions' at top and 'Advert Taglines' in the lower section. A main panel features three sections - 'Crawled', 'Top Positions' and 'Top Domains'.

Input a keyword or phrase in the input bar on the main menu, choose the domain country code and maximum number of searches using the dropdown menus found on the menu bar, and click 'Find Keywords'.

The 'Crawled' and 'Top Domains' sections and both left hand panel sections fill as the results of your search come in. Crawled results display Competition and Keyword Difficulty and top domains show the Occurrences and Average Position. Click on the resulting domain names and in the 'Top Positions' section will fill with page titles and the key phrases that are displayed in bold text on the websites. As the search results come in, each of these lists updates.

Crawled results which do not accurately reflect the keyphrase being searched, in terms relevant to your niche, can be right-clicked to delete them and the key domain authorities will automatically update. Any of the lists can be saved to CSV files using the icon conveniently placed at the top of each one. New keyphrases can be added to the dataset and new searches can be started simply by clicking on one of the suggestions in the left hand panel.

SEO Keyword Spider is a keyword research tool that will give you useful insight into both your competition and the high ranking keywords they are using. You'll find it indispensable in gaining domain authority for your website.

Software Product Description

Gain insight on your competitors by finding keywords currently searched for on Google.

Requires: Microsoft .NET Framework.