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Reviewed on November 16, 2016

Lintalist is an intuitive program that enables users to incrementally search for and edit bundles of text and then paste them in their desired active applications. The interactive text snippets manager allows users to automatically insert some text like the current date and time, select from specified lists or run a script. All the features that you can use - such as scripts, texts, abbreviations and shortcuts - are collectively known as snippets.

Using Lintalist

We downloaded the ZIP archive and extracted its contents to the default sub-folder under "My Documents" folder. Please note that the application only works when you unpack it into a folder where you have write permission. The advantage of placing it under "My Documents" is that the program will easily update text bundles as they are used.

We ran the software directly from the folder where we had stored it, thanks to its portability. We double-clicked the Lintalist.exe file although users who have installed AutoHotkey are advised to run Lintalist.ahk file instead.

We activated the search window by pressing the "CAPSLOCK" key, which was the default hot-key. We had the option of changing the hot-key via the program's context menu under the "Configuration" menu. At least one bundle was loaded into the search window depending on the title of the active application.

However, we did not have to open the search window to make required searches as the program allowed us to use abbreviations (shorthand) or keyboard shortcuts (hot-keys).

The search window was divided into several sections. The search bar was on the upper left part while the upper right part featured check boxes and radio buttons for configuring desired search options. The middle pane displayed the results list, which was divided into several dynamic columns. The columns displayed depended on the details contained in the loaded bundle. The lower pane displayed a preview of the selected or top-most snippet text. The status bar at the bottom displayed the loaded bundle(s) as well as the numbers of hits and snippets.

When we pressed the same hot-key when the search window was active, the window toggled between wide and narrow views. We could specify the respective heights and widths of both views from the "Configuration" menu.

The number of search results decreased as we typed our search query. Small icons enabled us to determine whether the result was just a text snippet or would run a script, with a script displaying a "+" sign while a text snippet displayed a "-" sign. The application gave us the option to turn off the icons.

We could run a script or paste text into an active application using different methods, including pressing "Enter" or "Shift + Enter" depending on the snippet section that we were dealing with.


Lintalist is a dynamic application that allows users to search for something as they paste another into an active application. It is especially useful when dealing with texts that need to be pasted repeatedly. You can make some configurations, but you will need to restart the application for each change to take effect.

Software Product Description

Store, search and edit texts in bundles and paste a selected text in your active program.