Locate Book Folders 3.05      

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Software Product Description

If you have a large collection of e-books, then locating the specific one that you want can prove time-consuming if you do not have an appropriate tool to help you. Locate Book Folders is a handy application that lets you search for any word in a directory of book titles. The software searches for the entered word in all books in the directory, including its sub folders. You will typically search for books using the names of the authors.

Locate Book Folders requires Powershell Version 5, but you do not have to know how to use Powershell, as you will simply launch the application from the desktop. If you do not have Powershell installed already, then you will need to download it from Microsoft website. If it is already installed, you can launch it and type "$PSVersionTable" (without quotation marks) to get its version number.

You create the required shortcut by double-clicking "Setup", which is among the downloaded contents. A pop-up window will appear telling you that the shortcut has been created successfully. Right-click the shortcut created on the desktop and select "Properties" then, click "Advanced" and "Run as administrator" check box.

The application automatically adds all top-level folders named "Books" on all drives, including USB ones, to a drop-down list named "Path to Search" on its control panel. Please note that it does not add sub folders even if they are named "Books." In such a case, it will only display the drive letter, and you will need to type the path every time you want to use the sub folder.

Other things that you will need to do to look for books is selecting the book format and typing the keyword, which is usually the author name. The application is compatible with different e-book formats, including EPUB, MOBI and AZW3.

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