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Release Date:   2004-09-17

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Software Product Description

MP3 Book Helper will provide rapid Mp3 (ID3v1, ID3v2) and Ogg Vorbis tags editing and file renaming functions.

Mass Tag editing is done using special variables and Regular Expressions.

Undo and preview for all changes, capitalization, search and replace, use parts of file name or directory structure for tags. Directory renaming and restructure based on tags. All customizable and configurable.

Get the artist and album information from the freedb database over internet. Play your mp3 files in Winamp or internal player while editing Tags. It will auto pause and resume Winamp when renaming or updating files.

It can also be used to easily create WinAmp-compatible playlists (M3U files), Information (NFO) files, Parity archive (PAR) data recovery files, Simple File Verify (SFV) and Sound Verification (.SV) checksum files.

Maintain Duplicates database is a list of all the files you have and MP3 Audio Only checksums (SV) for this files. This will help you to find Identical files on your hard drive even with different tags.

You can export and import ID3 tags to and from XML and comma delimited text files, verify CRC/MD5 checksums and more.

Originally it was designed for managing audiobooks but could be used for any mp3 and ogg files.


"mp3 Book Helper"

Reviewer: -Flash

Review Date: 2007-09-30

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Other Thoughts: I convert audio books on CD into mp3 so I can listen to them on my mp3 player while I work.

Most audio books fill many CDs, typically 6 but some as many as 22. All the CD-to-mp3 converters I've tried create a separate folder containing the tracks of that CD, numbered as they were on the CD (from 1 to whatever.)

Apparently some mp3 players seem to have trouble playing files from folders more than one level below /. Naturally I bought one of those players. So I had to find a way to put all the tracks from all the CDs of an audio book into one folder, and numbered sequentially so that the mp3 player will play them in the right order.

I figured out how to get MP3 Book Helper to correctly number all the mp3 files in all the folders, but not how to get it to move all the files into one folder, so I still have to manually move all the files into one folder. Still, the big problem is renumbering all the files, and MP3 Book Helper is the only program I could find, free or not, which does that.


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