Makesoft DuplicateFinder 1.2.0      

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Release Date:   2020-05-19

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

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Reviewed on December 05, 2018

Find and remove duplicate files

Makesoft DuplicateFinder is a useful utility that will quickly find duplicate files and enable you to delete them from within the program - no need to open Windows Explorer to do so. A number of different compare algorithms are available to locate duplicates of image, video, music files and documents:

  • Byte by Byte
  • MD5 Hash
  • SHA-1 Hash
  • Cycle Redundancy Check (CRC)

Remove unnecessary file duplicates

Download and install the application and launch to a comprehensive user interface. The folder/drive selection panel is at left and your settings checkboxes are at right:

  • Same file name
  • Same file extension
  • Same creation date

Find duplicate files either by using the default compare algorithm, Match Byte by Byte, or you check any or all of the others in the checkboxes below. Underneath these, you'll find Include and Exclude File type fields and drop-down menus, and minimum and maximum size selection boxes. This provides you with an entire range of options for your scan.

Select the file folders you want to check in the left-hand panel, check your scan options and click the Start scan button at the bottom of the interface.

The number of duplicate files will be enumerated when the progress bar on the resulting next screen completes, along with the total disc space they are using. In addition, you will have the option to return to Scan Configurations to reconfigure or to show the Scan Results using the buttons beneath the progress bar.

The Scan Results screen lists the duplicate files. Use the buttons at the top of the screen to Select All, Unselect All, Save List (to text file) or Delete Selected Files.

Remove duplicate files by selecting the one(s) you want to delete and the deletion will be confirmed in a pop-up window.

Fast Byte by Byte scan or use the in-depth algorithms for increased accuracy

Whether you use the default scan algorithm or choose to verify integrity by checking one or more of the additional scan algorithms, Makesoft DuplicateFinder will ensure that the original file is retained. You can return to the configuration window at any time by clicking the Scan Configuration button and re-run the scan with selected additional algorithms, file types or different file sizes. Selecting additional compare algorithms for your scan will result in it taking longer to find duplicate files but the accuracy of the resulting duplicate list will be doubly ensured.

Makesoft DuplicateFinder supports all versions of Windows and provides a simple solution to locating duplicate files that enables you to free up space on your hard drive and optimize your system. The utility has the great advantage of providing various options for scanning your files. Whether you choose to use the defaults or create customized masks for scanning, the powerful algorithms will find duplicate files and enable to either delete them or create a list before you make your final decision. It will not automatically remove duplicate files.

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Free up hard drive space and speed up the OS.


"Not bad, but ..."

Reviewer: -BB69

Review Date: 2018-12-06

Pros: Will find all duplicates like AllDup

Cons: AllDup is very much faster

Other Thoughts: No way to sort the results unlike AllDup


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