Mastery Pro 1.4.6      

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Release Date:   2006-03-23

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Software Product Description

Mastery Pro is a free, new and unique educational software designed to teach students to master specific educational goals. These students come in a variety:
  • The teacher/student relationship could be the traditional relationship of a teacher in a classroom with a number of students.
  • This relationship could also be parent/child relationship, with the parent assigning tests to each of their children.
  • This could also be a employer/employee relationship, such as a sales manager assigning tests to their sales reps in order to strengthen the reps knowledge of their particular industry.
  • And finally, a Mastery Pro student could simply be a single user, attempting to learn a particular area of interest, such as an individual studying for a Real Estate Exam.
Although the Teacher's Assistant will allow teacher's to build there own tests, Mad Dog Software LLC provides hundreds of pre-built tests on a number of subjects at a reasonable price to download. These tests are built by experts in their individual fields, and new tests are being added all the time.


  • Students get a five minute warning that they are about to face a short session of e-learning. Then it hits.
  • The program delivers hints in the form of text, audio clues, video clues or web links. A quiz can even be designed to take the student to a web site or an online encyclopedia with a passage to read in order to find the correct answer. This also enhances the learning process.
  • The system has a pass coded security system that demands something in return for using what the student already wants to use (Games, Internet, Chat, etc.) You can reboot the system, but the program remains active!