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Reviewed on December 11, 2018

Create from scratch or adjust existing objects

MatterControl is free 3D printing software that comes as a unified package allowing you to develop a project, slice the design to preview it layer by layer, and print straight from the program to a G-Code-based 3D printer or save for later printing.

You can design 3D models with MatterControl using tools that allow you to use various parameters to combine or remove different parts of the model. A range of shapes are included. Easier than that for beginners, there are templates that can be changed to meet your requirements - change an angle, enlarge the diameter of a hole, add text and or a logo, etc. You'll find the templates in the Design Apps folder.

Easy to learn application

Download, install and launch the free 3D printing software. Using the configuration wizard, select your printer and an empty bed to connect to, and configuration will be completed. You can then add the objects which you will eventually print.

The nicely designed interface basically provides a panel of folders - Design Apps, Downloads, History, Library and SDCard (if applicable) - and basic shapes called 'primitives' at the left of the workspace and a tools pane at right.

Your History folder is threefold, listing parts created or modified, slices placed on the plate, and the print history. The Library also contains a number of subfolders - program included calibration parts, a cloud library to enable access to your models from anywhere, a local library, a print queue, a folder for models you download from the developer's Design Store and a shared file for read-only models sent to you by friends.

The primitives are completely customizable. You can modify the height, width, and depth. Depending on the shape, diameters and sizes can be adjusted, divided into parts and combined using the relevant tools located in the panel at right.

Tools to group, ungroup, duplicate and remove parts are found on the top toolbar, and beneath this are tools to align, flatten, add support material, etc. Combine and Subtract tools let you merge combined objects and remove overlapping parts.

Linear, radial and advanced array tools enable you to create repeating shapes in rows and circles, and to scale them. You can change dimensions using the pinch tool, curve and fit objects and text to bounds.

Printing and slicing with MatterControl

Everything you need for successful 3D printing:

  • 3D viewer enabling rotation, scaling, and mirroring designs
  • Ability to switch between slicing engines
  • 2D viewer - preview the layers of the sliced design
  • Automatic Bed Leveling
  • Print Queue for management of projects
  • Library for quick and easy organization of files
  • Printer connection wizard for managing 3D printers
  • G-code editing console terminal

MatterSlice is the default slicing engine and its settings tab enables you to make adjustments to layer height, support material, etc. Extruder temperature and bed temperature are also set here, and you can access the terminal to edit the printer G-code if required. The settings tab can be set to one of three user levels.

  • Simple - adjustments can be made to layer height and fill density and support material and rafts use can be selected.
  • Intermediate - provides for customization in greater detail of perimeters, skirts brims, and infills.
  • Advanced - enables the entire printing process including repairs, multiple extruders, introducing more slicing options.

In addition to MatterSlice, there are two third-party slicing options - CuraEngine and Slic3r.

While the many features of MatterControl initially appear very complicated, with use and increasing expertise, the range of options will be greatly appreciated. Lots of help is provided and Youtube tutorials are available to enable you to quickly learn the basics and to go on to explore the greater options provided.

Software Product Description

Design, organize and manage 3D print projects.