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Reviewed on October 23, 2017

Mersenne Twister is a pseudorandom number generator designed to rectify flaws in older PRNG's (the abbreviated version of pseudorandom number generators). PRNG's are used mostly in simulation and cryptography. To put it simply, random number generation is used for password generation, unique ID's for file sharing, and URL shorteners. Many software systems use the Mersenne Twister as the default PRNG including Microsoft Visual C++, MS Excel, Scilab, and Stata, among others.

High Performance

The Mersenne Twister is preferred by many because of its performance and high-quality pseudo-random numbers. It is fast and highly reliable. Though it may not be suitable for cryptographic code, it works very well in Monte Carlo simulations and probabilistic algorithms.

Passes Numerous Tests

The program passes numerous tests for statistical randomness. This includes Diehard Tests that are well-known for measuring the quality of PRNG's. It has been tested for overlapping permutations, monkey tests, and random spheres test, to name a few.


Another significant advantage of the Mersenne Twister is that it is k-distributed to an accuracy of 32-bit.


The code used with the program is portable. That means that even if the algorithm is originally 32-bit, it will work on 64-bit systems without problems.


Mersenne Twister's integer portion algorithm does not involve arithmetic. All operations are and's, or's, and xor's. They are unsigned 32-bit random integers that form a cache that is generated upon startup. It is triggered by a single integer that starts the entire process.


The Mersenne Twister is a fast performing PRNG that is widely used as a default in many systems. It delivers high-quality pseudo-random numbers and works well with probabilistic algorithms and other simulations. It is free to use for any purpose.

Software Product Description

A pseudorandom number generator for Visual Basic .NET programmers.