Mp3Extractor v09.08      

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Release Date:   2009-08-24

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OS:  Win 9x/NT/2K/XP

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Software Product Description

A tool for extracting several portions from an MP3 or WAV into new (tagged) files.

Listen to your material (e.g. recorded radio shows, live performances, DJ sets) through Winamp, and with the help of mp3Extractor, find the portions, parts or tracks of interest that you want to cut out, drop markers at the desired start and stop times of these takes and optionally add track information.

Mp3Extractor includes many features for navigating swiftly through even lengthy input files, checking and fine tuning marker positions. When you're done setting markers, the program will copy the corresponding MP3 frames to new MP3 files, without changing a bit of audio data, properly name and tag these output files and optionally write track information to a database list. Whereas a cutter will in most cases merely trim a file, and a splitter will just cut it into pieces, the Mp3Extractor will give you exactly the parts of the file that you want - and only these.

New features in this version: Support for varibale bitrate MP3's and Wave (PCM) files. Improved precision.

Requires: Nullsoft Winamp 2.8 or 5.x. It will not work with Winamp 3.x.


"Simply the best!"

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Review Date: 2008-12-09

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Other Thoughts: Love, love, love this little program. Able to fine-tune editing of mp3's. Invaluable. Must try it!


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