Port Alert 5.7      

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Release Date:   2020-12-28

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Software Product Description

Port Alert is a handy application for monitoring ports and receiving either e-mail or SMS notifications. The user-friendly software features a plain interface with several buttons, boxes and a pane that displays all the ports you add.

The application is compatible with both remote and local systems, and it supports many types of ports, including WWW, SQL, MYSQL, IMAP, POP3, SMTP, FTP, DNS and SSH. You will select the required type of port from a drop-down list and then provide an IP address or host name and a brief description. The description will help you identify the port quickly.

You can directly select such common ports as port 21 or 80 from the drop-down menu. If the port you want is not listed, the program allows you to add it.

The program allows you to set the number of consecutive timeouts required before it sends an alert to ensure that you do not keep getting alerts. You can also configure the maximum number of SMS messages the application should send. You may as well configure the interval at which you want the program to send queries to the ports you have added. The default interval is 10 seconds, but it may be necessary to make it less frequent if some of the ports you are monitoring are on a third party server.

In addition to sending alerts, the program can execute a script or application of your choice when a port check fails. Once you have made all necessary configurations, simply click the Start Monitor button.

Port Alert suits both experienced users and novices, thanks to its combination of advanced features and ease of use.