PoziTone 0.6.7      

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Release Date:   2016-09-25

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Software Product Description

PoziTone is a handy extension for Google Chrome, Opera, and other Chromium-based browsers that helps you enhance your favorite online players. You can use it to add such features as recent tracks list, track information notifications and controls outside of your browser window.

The track info you will get includes the names of the track being played and band playing it. It displays these details in a pop-up window whenever you change a track. This can help you get familiar with a new band or genre quickly.

The extension easily lets you control your player using either keyboard shortcuts or a pop-up window. You can mute and restore sound, stop and resume playback, add the current track to your playlist or switch it.

The pop-up window, which appears above the System Tray, can display two control buttons at a time, and you can configure the buttons you would like it to display. For example, you may set it to display the ´Stop/Play´ and ´Next Track´ buttons.

PoziTone lets you access details about the latest tracks played, as it keeps a list of the last 10 tracks. You will access the track list by clicking the button on the right side of the address bar. The button lets you access different application functions.

The extension has external modules that communicate with it behind the scenes and provide its functions outside the browser. It also supports many keyboard shortcuts, which basically combine Alt+Shift and another key depending on the required function.

It supports different online media players, including:

  • Google Play Music |
  • Digitally Imported | (DI, DI.FM, or DI Radio)
  • RadioTunes |
  • Odnoklassniki |
You can enable all built-in modules or select the ones you want to enable.