Privacy Repairer      

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Release Date:   2017-05-15

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OS:  Windows 10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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If you are still worried about your Windows 10 privacy, then use Privacy Repairer to enhance your privacy protection. The software includes about 60 different options that carefully modify the nosy operating system to protect the users from unwanted data transfers. It is ideal for both basic and advanced users, thanks to its simplicity and advanced options.

Using Privacy Repairer

We simply double-clicked the executable file to launch Privacy Repairer, which listed categories on the left side of the user interface. The right part displayed brief information about the categories in general and the recommended steps for us to take. It also showed us the number of enabled options, with a button for enabling all recommended options. Another button let us restart the program as administrator because some options required elevated rights.

The program gave us the options to back up our current privacy configuration and create a restore point before making any changes to our system.

When we clicked on a category on the left pane, its options appeared on the right pane. Each option had a button for turning it either on or off and we could expand the option to get more information about it. The details we received included a brief description of the option, what it did, its effect and the affected settings. The program also displayed whether it was recommended to change the option or leave it for experts, with the information written in different colors.

We needed to restart our system after making the required changes to ensure that they took effect.


Privacy Repairer is a handy tool for enhancing Windows 10 privacy by accessing all necessary options in one place. It groups the options in different categories and gives you their descriptions and effects. You only need to turn options on or off without making any other configuration. In fact, you may enable all carefully recommended options by clicking just one button.

Software Product Description

Free tool for enhancing Windows 10 privacy.