Quad Motorbike Challenge 1.0      

Size:   40.22MB

License:   FREEWARE

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Release Date:   2015-07-15

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

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Software Product Description

Quad Motorbike Challenge is an engaging quad bike racing game in 3D format. players need to maneuver four-wheeled machines that handle any type of track. The game features various modes and levels that make it interesting to almost all kinds of gamers. Whether you are a novice or experienced player, you will get something to keep you busy.

Some of the competitions you may participate in include superbike, supercross and motorcross, and you will never lack a suitable type of motorbike for your chosen sport. The all terrain vehicles (ATVs) will help you ride on any type of road, but you must keep a cool head to overcome the obstacles along the way and race against time.

The interface displays part of the race track on the lower left corner while the current lap, score and position are displayed on the lower right corner.

Whether you are interested in a simple motorbike game or a complex simulation, Quad Motorbike Challenge will give you your heart's desire.

The game features high definition graphics that make the characters appear realistic. This feature, combined with action-packed gameplay, make the game very interesting. The presence of challenges will ensure you always remain engaged. Employ your skills to win the crazy races.

System Requirements

Quad Motorbike Challenge demands relatively minimal resources on modern computers, including at least 512 MB RAM, Pentium 1500 MHz or higher CPU and at least 64 MB video card. The game installer is only 40.22 MB, and it is compatible with Windows XP or later operating systems.