SSuite Fandango Desktop Editor 4.0      

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Reviewed on April 20, 2016

If you'd like a lightweight HTML editor that you can use either online or offline, then SSuite Fandago Desktop will solve your need. You can use the fully featured software to open, create, edit and save HTML documents with great ease. It draws on the strength of HTML5 web browsers to give you such capabilities as print previewing, printing, spell checking and finding functions.

Using SSuite Fandago Desktop

We downloaded the ZIP archive and extracted its contents onto our desired folder from where we launched the application. Double clicking on the FandagoDesktopEditor.htm file opened the editor with our default web browser. Its graphical user interface resembled that of popular word editors, with font, paragraph, layout and Clipboard options arranged on the upper part.

The WYSIWYG editor enabled us to work with HTML documents just as we normally did with word documents. We wrote what we wanted and formated it without having to handle any HTML code. Buttons on the uppermost part of the application allowed us to choose our preferred background color, font color, font size, font type and formatting.

However, we also had the option to insert custom HTML code, which was important when we wanted to add something that the application did not yet support. The feature may also prove handy to users with experience in HTML coding, allowing them to tweak their files as they want.

SSuite Fandago Desktop included advanced features that helped us improve our documents. For example, we embedded images into the documents by taking a few simple steps. We found it relatively easy to align images with text, which could easily become challenging depending on the program used. The application included four buttons that allowed us to save images in four different ways:

  • Left align images and wrap text around them to the right
  • Right align images and wrap text around them to the left
  • Center align images with the text being in a linear position
  • Insert images in the normal way without wrapping text around them

Embedding images made documents completely standalone. Sharing them was easier because they had no Internet links or any other dependencies. The images to be embedded had to be on our local drive, as trying to copy and paste them from the Internet simply created links to the web pages where the images were. The program is compatible with JPEG, GIF and PNG images.

Saving documents worked in a slightly different manner. The first time we saved a document, we added the extension we wanted; either .htm or .html. Whenever we used the ctrl + S desktop shortcut to save the file as we continued working on it, it gave us the option to save it with a different name or replace the earlier version. On the other hand, clicking the "Save" button "downloaded" the document, saving it on our default download folder. Each download was saved with a different name, leading to multiple copies. The developers recommend that you set your web browser to always ask you where to save downloads.


SSuite Fandago Desktop is a lightweight and portable application that allows you to create or edit HTML files directly on your web browser. You don't need any coding knowledge to use the software because it works in the What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) format. Saving documents in HTML format makes them compatible with many devices, even those that can't handle conventional word documents.

Minimum System Requirements

  • HTML5 Compliant Web Browser
  • 1024 x 768 Display

Software Product Description

This extremely lightweight professional WYSIWYG word processor is fully featured and able to open, edit, and save *.html documents without a problem. Added new Document History feature. Is now also PWA enabled for full desktop install from the online version.

Forget the Cloud, go direct and offline...