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License:   FREE

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Release Date:   2002-02-26

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OS:  Win 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP

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Software Product Description

Savant is a full-featured open source web server written for computers running Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, and Windows NT including Windows 2000. Savant is fast, secure, easy-to-use, and best of all, it's free!

Savant provides support for most modern web features and technologies, including:

  • HTTP/1.1 with keep-alive support
  • CERN/NCSA Common Log Format logging, including browser and referrer entries
  • Performance logs and error logs
  • Configurable logging
  • Server-side image maps
  • CGI/1.1
  • WinCGI
  • ISAPI Application support
  • User-based password protection
  • Limit access by IP addresses
  • Easy install/uninstall
  • Graphical Configuration
  • User-defined MIME Types
  • Aliasing & file system mapping
  • Simple directory listings
  • Optional reverse DNS lookups
  • Process control
  • Perl for Win32 Included
  • Monitoring Console
  • Online help
  • Realtime status display
  • Complete source code for server and configuration utility available
  • Web-based support system
  • Support mailing lists



Reviewer: -The Vermin8tor

Review Date: 2008-12-05

Pros: None

Cons: None

Other Thoughts: Do I just install this on a Windows platform and it acts like Windows NT sever 4.0,2000,2003,or 2008?


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