What's New in version 1.4.3:

Bug Fixes:

  • critical bug fix for OPF metadata attributes that use named entities
  • fix bug in 'Add Existing' files when file names would require percent encoding
  • fix bug in multiple language spellchecking dialog word lookup when no language attributes used
  • update de, nl, sv, ko, ru translations that missed the Sigil 1.4.0 initial release
  • critical bug fix for over xml encoding html used inside metadata in the opf
  • revert ctrl-f to it long standing Find and Replace behaviour
  • fix mismatched override wait cursor usage
  • fix crashes when dictionaries are missing on load or during first spellcheck
  • update the mapping of language codes to dictionaries without the need to restart
  • fix critical bug which caused split to break links that are bare fragments
  • fix additional critical bugs which caused split to lose fragments from link targets
  • fix double # chars in fragment ids during merge
  • fix hang on load with bad encryption.xml font uris
  • quiet unneeded debug output when importing an epub
  • fix opf cleanup bug when identical xmlns values are used with two different prefixes on the same tag
  • Sigil-1.4.3 represents additional critical bug fixes and is meant to immediately replace Sigil 1.4.0 through Sigil-1.4.2. It has all the features of the original Sigil 1.4.0 including new icon themes and multiple language spell checking.

What's New in version 1.4.2:

Bug Fixes:

  • critical bug fix for incorrectly xml encoding of opf metadata attributes that use entities
  • fix bug in "Add Existing" files when file names would require percent encoding
  • fix bug in multiple language spellchecking dialog word lookup when no language attributes used
  • update de, nl, sv, ko, ru translations that missed the Sigil 1.4.0 initial release
  • critical bug fix for over xml encoding html used inside metadata in the opf
  • revert ctrl-f to it long standing Find and Replace behaviour

What's New in version 1.4.1:

Bug Fixes:

  • critical bug fix for over xml encoding html used inside metadata in the opf
  • return use of ctrl-f to its long standing functionality

What's New in version 1.4.0:

New Features:

Two different types of Multiple Language Spellchecking support added:

  • A user can now specify a Primary and a Secondary Language dictionary for real-time spellchecking (red squiggley underline).
  • The Spellcheck Dialog will now support spell checking as determined by xml:lang and lang attributes in any languages with dictionaries
  • Main UI icons now use scalable svg files to better serve higher res displays. All provided by BeckyEbook (ala BeckyDTP). A huge Thank You! to BeckyEbook
  • New brighter Sigil Application Icon is now being used.
  • Alternate Sigil main Application Icon now available as a build-time option
  • Sigil now provides 3 different Icon Themes for the user: Main, Fluent, and Material. Again all thanks goes to BeckyEbook for creating/collecting all of the icon themes!
  • Sigil will now support a custom user-determined Icon theme via a custom .rcc file.
  • pre-made icon themes for Legacy and Material themes in different base colors are now available with more user-contributed theme files to hopefully come. Again Thank BeckyEbook!
  • checkout for more information and additional themes
  • New main toolbar icons are now available and improved icon groupings have been made to provide the user with a greater degree of toolbar customization. Users may need to drag and drop icon grouping and modify their selections of Toolbars to see some of these new options.
  • Improved support for IRI (international) hrefs. OPF newly added file manifest ids now converted to plain ascii to prevent issues with older readers

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix bugs in Marking for Index
  • Perform major URL en/decode refactoring to properly handle '#' (and other reserved chars) in file names
  • Translate 'Table of Contents' using book language not ui langauge
  • Fix handling of links when using Add Existing on xhtml files with links to other xhtml files
  • Fix split code to better handle duplicate target ids that reside in different files
  • Bug fixes for the plugin interface from wrCisco (Thank you!)
  • Bug fixes for the plugin interface setguide from BeckyDTP (Thank you!)
  • Fix bug in OPF parsing when valid but non-traditional namespace prefixes are used
  • Fix rare off by one condition in clip number to clip enditor model conversion

What's New in version 1.1.0:

New Features (since the 1.0.0 release):

  • Added Support for Dark Mode for Windows, Linux and macOSX (Thanks BeckyEbook!)
  • Added new icons that work well under both Light and Dark modes (Thanks BeckyEbook)
  • Added ability to use Dark Mode for Preview (controlled by Preferences)
  • Added Zoom Keys Ctrl +/- support to the Inspector (for improved Accessibility)
  • Added support for a second Clip bar with up to 20 additional clips
  • Select Special Character Dialog now support scrollbars
  • Guide and Nav titles are now translated into ebook language (if translations available)
  • All Report Names have been shortened to allow larger font sizes for better Accessibility
  • Added improved contrast icons (Thank you BeckyEbook!)
  • Completely reworked all Sigil Preference Dialogs to make them more screen/user friendly
  • Added support for controlling Windows/Linux HighDPI settings
  • Clips from the Clips QDockwidget window can now be used in CSS Tabs as well.
  • The plugin interface has been extended to show current colorMode and primary colors

Bug Fixes (since the 1.0.0 release):

  • Replaced deprecated QSignalMapper code with QActionGroups throughout Sigil's code base
  • (still more work to do there)
  • Fixed bug in 'open-with' on macOSX that did not allow .app files to be selected
  • Soft hyphens characters are now handled properly by Spellchecking [PR from BeckyEbook]
  • Fixed bug in 'split at cursor' that created extra empty pages
  • Fix bug in Insert Files from Disk
  • Fixed same thread re-entrancy issues with tab creation / deletion code due to Qt signal/slot handling
  • Fixed source code typos [PR from luzpaz]
  • Fixed incorrect number of 'times used' in Image Reports
  • Fixed plugin font_iter() code to properly handle new font media types
  • Broken links are no longer changed during ImportHTML (Add Existing...) operations
  • Cover svg image 'vh' 'vw' fixup code now properly handles empty headers on cover page
  • GetBookpathByPathEnd() will now work properly and thereby better handle detection of file
  • name conflicts during imports
  • Better handle file name info from Validation plugins
  • Inserting Links now creates proper links for top of page of the same file
  • Fix ImportHTML when creating a new book to properly add an NCX if needed
  • Include official QT backported fixes to Qt 5.12.6 to make it more stable
  • The nav will now properly handle internal links to top of page of the nav itself
  • harden lxml xml processing with resolve_entities set to false for improved security

What's New in version 1.0.0:

The major changes since Sigil-0.9.18 include the following:

  • Upon initial load, the epub structure that exists will be loaded and kept in its 'as-is' state, moving and renaming nothing
  • The BookBrowser will still show the Text, Images, Styles, Fonts, Audio, Video, and Misc 'folders' but these are now 'virtual folders' that simply organize the existing resources by type but do not restrict their actual location within the epub.
  • A new Preferences setting has been added to the Appearance Preferences that will determine if the book folder relative path will be shown in the BookBrowser or its shorter unique name (filename) will be used instead. In either case, the BookBrowser tooltips will always show the file's true book folder relative path. Duplicate file names (in different subfolders) will always show the longer path to be able to differentiate between them regardless of the new Appearance Preference.
  • A Tools menu item has been added to standardize any epub already loaded to Sigil's old structure
  • A Tools menu item has been added to allow a user to design a custom 'empty' epub layout
  • A 'Move' context menu item has been added to BookBrowser to enable moving of resources to where you want them to be.
  • A 'Rename' context menu item has been added to BookBrowser to enable renaming of the NCX and OPF resources.
  • The python plugin interface has been extended to support all of this as documented in the new Sigil_Plugin_Framework_rev12.epub and online at MobileRead in our Plugin Development thread.
  • Please note, the design goal of Sigil 1.0.0 was to make minimal changes for users and ebook developers that still want to use Sigil as they did. The new Preference setting defaults to showing only the filename as before, and the default empty epub for creating new epubs is the same as before. The interface and functionality should stay almost exactly the same. Loading any epub previously saved by Sigil will still work exactly as before. Only editing new epubs that are in non-standard form will necessitate a use of the new Tool menu (see the fourth item above) to standardize it.

Bug Fixes (since the 0.9.991 Pre-release):

  • All bugs reported in alpha release have been fixed.
  • Special thanks to Vroni, BeckyEBook, Doitsu, Odamizu,
  • Un_Pogaz, snarkophilus, and many others who ran tests and reported bugs.
  • Fix for crash on macOS opening Preferences following New MainWindow
  • Workaround Qt bug in restoreState after maximize with Find and Replace open
  • Fix logic to identify and store window geometry when normal (not maximized)
  • Fix handling of plugin dialog being closed or aborted / cancelled
  • Prevent Preview timer related crashes on closing MainWindow on macOS
  • Update and harden media types recognition
  • Use non-native QFileDialogs on macOS to workaround Qt bugs
  • Fix crash of fast Tab closing on all platforms
  • Prevent whitespace inside code tags from being changed when prettifying
  • replace case change 'text icon' with actual sizable icon (Thank you BeckyEbook)

New Features (since the 0.9.991 Pre-release):

  • Add Load/Save capability for the Custom Empty Epub Layout Designer
  • Large speedups in Reports using QtConcurrent
  • Speedups in Spellcheck Dialog sorting
  • Add File Name to Preview Window title
  • Add Regular Expression File Renamer to BookBrowser context menu
  • Mend on Open or Save only touch/repair non-wellformed files
  • Re-enable Drag and Drop of Tabs
  • Add menus/icons for 'New ePub2' and 'New ePub3' to ease creation of empty epubs (icons courtesy of BeckyEbook)
  • Extend ePub2 Guide Semantics to include many of the 'other.*' codes common to ePub3 as well