Simple LP Solver 1.3.1a      

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Release Date:   2017-10-10

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Are you trying to solve linear programming problems but find it challenging due to their large sizes? Then try using Simple LP Solver, an intuitive application that gives you Simplex and Revised Simplex problem solvers. The software uses both single phase and dual phased techniques depending on the constraints.

Using Simple LP Solver

The installation process was fast and straight forward, and the installer showed us the space required against the space available. The lightweight application required only 284 KB. We launched it immediately after installation, opening a simple graphical user interface with all menus and tools on the upper part.

The File menu gave us several functions, including Input Table, Input from File, Load Table from File and Save Table to File. When we selected the Input Table function, a pop-up window appeared where we needed to enter the required input parameters. We could specify a maximum of 250 decision variables and 63,900 constraints.

The Input from File function loaded problems from comma separated text files ready for the Solver. The data was displayed in plain text format. On the other hand, the Load Table from File function loaded problems from comma separated text files to the Input Form. Save Table to File function wrote problems from the Input Form to comma separated text files.

Simple LP Solver featured a simple text editor where we could handle both richedit and plain text formats. When we created a blank document, the application used richedit format by default. When we saved a plain text file before closing the software, however, it opened in plain text format the next time we launched it.

The Simplex Solver converted minimization problems to maximization ones by letting us follow a few simple steps. On the other hand, the Revised Simplex Solver let us easily convert maximization problems to minimization ones. Both solvers used single- and two-phase methods.


Simple LP Solver makes it easy to solve large linear programming problems using different methods. The application is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or later operating systems running on systems with x86 CPUs and at least 1 GB RAM.

Software Product Description

The Simple LP Solver can solve large size linear programming problems in an efficient way.