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 Reviewed on August 04, 2016

People have been fascinated by the spatial aspect of the world since time immemorial, which has led to the use of maps. Thanks to modern technology, you can nowadays access a lot of spatial data for the earth and other celestial bodies, but you need special software to do this. Spatial Aspect Explorer is designed to represent vector layer data in various modalities over raster data. The program supports Polar Stereographic and Geographic map projections.

Using Spatial Aspect Explorer

The program's main window was divided into two primary sections: The Project View on the left pane for logical selectivity and Main View on the right pane for spatial selectivity and viewing of maps. The left pane displayed map details in a tree format, allowing us to select specific map layers that we wanted to view. The layer at the bottom was the background, which could contain either just a simple color filling or some raster data.

The other entries contained vector data. Each vector layer had a check box to the left of its icon, which we used to enable or disable its rendering. The Main View pane let us view maps of the locations that we selected on the left pane. The Main View pane was made up of a map viewer in the middle, four axes around the map viewer and a canvas that preserved the isometric aspect ratio at the center of the map.

A status bar on the lower part of the user interface gave us brief descriptions of what the menu items and toolbar buttons on the upper and right parts of the program window did when we placed the cursor over them.

The Overview window was located on the lower left corner of our screen. It displayed a map in full view and a smart cursor for navigation. Using the smart cursor, we clicked and dragged to select the area of the map that we wanted to focus on, which became fully displayed in the window upon releasing the left mouse button.

The program gave us other ways of navigating around maps, including the use of assigned regions, magnifying glass and zoom commands among others.


Spatial Aspect Explorer is a handy program for viewing spatial data of the earth and other planets. You can view and adjust maps in many ways to get the details that you want.

Software Product Description

The Spatial Aspect Explorer is targeted for exploring a comprehensive amount of spatial data in the form of interactive maps.

System Requirements:

  • At least 1GB of memory recommended, but the program will sufficiently with less memory.
  • Disk space should be reserved for map data. For all current map collections 27GB will be enough. Naturally, if you only use specific maps, less space will suffice.
  • You can view and download all map collections here: