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Reviewed on October 17, 2017

MMOs have a long and storied history. While the games themselves are all fairly different, there's one thing that most players will agree upon - the games were better in the past. It doesn't really matter what the game was or when the past was, of course, but the fact remains among a large subset of players that the past is somehow better. MMOs used to be harder (or easier), they used to have better communities (or smaller), and they certainly had better (or less refined) mechanics. If you're looking to go back to the old days, Stash might be the game for you.

Takes MMO's Back to the Old Days

At the core of Stash's sales pitch is the idea of taking MMOs back to the old days. There's a real attempt by this game to reach back to a golden age of MMOs, one where combat was won by actual skill and players had more control over the world. It puts things like customized player housing on the marquee alongside a world that really hearkens back to the days of tabletop gaming. It's clear for whom this game is being made, but less clear as to what makes it worth playing.

1990s MMO with Modern Technology

On the positive side of the equation, Stash really lives up to its own hype. This feels very much like someone designed an MMO in the 1990s while somehow using modern technology. It's not the flashiest game out there, but there's a core that really can't be ignored. The game knows exactly what it wants to be and goes all in, something that can't be said for most AAA releases these days. When it falls short, it tends to be because of a surplus of ambition - something for which you really cannot blame a game developer.

In-Your-Face Nostalgia

It'd be nice to say that the positives outweigh the negatives, but they don't. Stash goes back to old game design in some of the worst ways, too. While most modern Western MMOs have tried to eliminate the grind, Stash embraces it. While most games try to help players get acclimated to the world slowly, Stash requires outside documentation in some situations. Stash wants players to embrace a style of play that was more prevalent almost two decades ago, and that's just not going to work for everyone. Nostalgia is good, but it's harder to deal with when it's so in-your-face.


This is probably not a game for everyone, and that's not always a bad thing. It's definitely a throwback in both good and bad ways, so your enjoyment of the game will largely depend on how far nostalgia can carry you. It's a good examination of the way MMOs used to be and perhaps a cautionary tale for those who never played back in those days. It's worth a few minutes, if nothing else, and you'll know exactly how you feel about the game by that time. Give it a shot if you feel like going into a time-warp - you may enjoy what you find.

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Turn-based MMO roleplaying game with plenty of loot.