StereoPhoto Maker 6.15      

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Release Date:   2021-02-08  | Changelog

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Software Product Description

If you want to enhance the appearance of your pictures, then you need to edit them in stereo format, which is where StereoPhoto Maker comes in. The handy application provides several functions that make it easy for users to improve the features of their photos.

You will access most of the features in a process that takes only two steps. If you are not impressed with the user interface, then remember that it is primarily designed for functionality. You can align many images simultaneously with the help of the SIFT algorithm that allows for extracting of numerous features from different images.

You can project images onto a sphere and then use a clone brush to adjust incorrectly applied features and create the right stereo depth. Built-in mirror positions, coupled with the stereo imaging mode, help users to track the changes they make.

StereoPhoto Maker also allows both experienced HTML users and those with hardly any relevant skills to create Web pages. Inexperienced users can upload the contents of their applet-projects to a server and then use StereoPhotoViewer applet to develop Web pages. Seasoned HTML coders can use it to personalize their webpage projects. For example, the application will help them create complex anaglyphs for their HTML projects.

StereoPhoto Maker is a versatile application that can serve both professional users and those interested in creating personal stereo 3D images equally well.