What's New in version 3.2:

  • upgraded core PDF parsing rendering to latest version of mupdf. Faster, less bugs.
  • support for multiple windows
  • improved management of favorites
  • dropped support for Windows XP. Use 3.1.2 on XP.

What's New in version 2.5.1:

  • fix frequent ebook crashes

What's New in version 2.5:

  • 2 page view for ebooks
  • new keybindings:
    • Ctrl+PgDn, Ctrl+Right : go to next page
    • Ctrl+PgUp, Ctrl+Left : go to previous page
  • 10x faster ebook layout
  • support JP2 images
  • new advanced settings: ShowMenuBar, ReloadModifiedDocuments, CustomScreenDPI
  • left/right clicking no longer changes pages in fullscreen mode (use Presentation mode if you rely on this feature)
  • fixed multiple crashes and made multiple minor improvements

What's New in version 2.4:

  • full-screen mode for ebooks (Ctrl-L)
  • new key bindings:
    • F9 - show/hide menu (not remembered after quitting)
    • F8 - show/hide toolbar
  • support WebP images (standalone and in comic books)
  • support for RAR5 compressed comic books
  • fixed multiple crashes

What's New in version 2.3.2:

  • fix changing a language via Settings/Change Language

What's New in version 2.3.1:

  • no longer using SSE2 to support old computers

What's New in version 2.3:

  • Greater configurability via advanced settings
  • 'Go To Page' in ebook ui
  • add View/Manga Mode menu item for Comic Book (CBZ/CBR) files
  • new key bindings:
    • Ctrl-Up : page up
    • Ctrl-Down : page down
  • add support for OpenXPS documents
  • support Deflate64 in Comic Book (CBZ/CBR) files
  • fixed missing paragraph indentation in EPUB documents
  • printing with 'Use original page sizes' no longer centers pages on paper
  • reduced size. Installer is ~1MB smaller

What's new in version 2.2.1:

  • fixed ebooks sometimes not remembering the viewing position
  • fixed Sumatra not exiting when opening files from a network drive
  • fixes for most frequent crashes and PDF parsing robustness fixes

What's new in version 2.2:

  • add support for FictionBook ebook format
  • add support for PDF documents encrypted with Acrobat X
  • 'Print as image' compatibility option in print dialog for documents that fail to print properly
  • new command-line option: -manga-mode [1|true|0|false] for proper display of manga comic books
  • many robustness fixes and small improvements

What's new in version 2.1.1:

  • fixes for a few crashes

What's New in version 2.1:

  • support for EPUB ebook format
  • added File/Rename menu item to rename currently viewed file (contributed by Vasily Fomin)
  • support multi-page TIFF files
  • support TGA images
  • support for some comic book (CBZ) metadata
  • support JPEG XR images (available on Windows Vista or later, for Windows XP the Windows Imaging Component has to be installed)
  • the installer is now signed

What's New in version 2.0.1:

  • fix loading .mobi files from command line
  • fix a crash loading multiple .mobi files at once
  • fix a crash showing tooltips for table of contents tree entries

What's New in version 2.0:

  • support for MOBI eBook format
  • support opening CHM documents from network drives
  • a selection can be copied to a clipboard as an image by using right-click context menu
  • using ucrt to reduce program size

What's new in version 1.9:

  • support for CHM documents
  • support touch gestures, available on Windows 7 or later. Contributed by Robert Prouse
  • open linked audio and video files in an external media player
  • improved support for PDF transparency groups

What's new in version 1.8:

  • improved support for PDF form text fields
  • various minor improvements and bug fixes
  • speedup handling some types of djvu files

What's new in this version 1.7:

  • favorites
  • improved support for right-to-left languages e.g. Arabic
  • logical page numbers are displayed and used, if a document provides them (such as i, ii, iii, etc.)
  • allow to restrict SumatraPDF's features with more granularity; see sumatrapdfrestric.init for documentation
  • -named-dest also matches strings in table of contents
  • improved support for EPS files (requires Ghostscript)
  • more robust installer
  • many minor improvements and bugfixes

What's new in this version 1.6:

  • add support for displaying DjVu documents
  • display Frequently Read list when no document is open
  • add support for displaying Postscript documents (requires recent Ghostscript version to be already installed)
  • add support for displaying a folder containing images: drag the folder to SumatraPDF window
  • support clickable links and a Table of Content for XPS documents
  • display printing progress and allow to cancel it
  • add Print toolbar button
  • experimental: previewing of PDF documents in Windows Vista and 7. Creates thumbnails and displays documents in Explorer's Preview pane. Needs to be explicitly selected during install process. We've had reports that it doesn't work on Windows 7 x64.

What's New in version 1.5.1:

  • fixes for rare crashes

What's New in version 1.5:

  • add support for viewing XPS documents
  • add support for viewing CBZ and CBR comic books
  • add File/Save Shortcut menu item to create shortcuts to a specific place in a document
  • add context menu for copying text, link addresses and comments. In browser plugin it also adds saving and printing commands
  • add folder browsing (Ctrl+Shift+Right opens next PDF document in the current folder, Ctrl+Shift+Left opens previous document)

What's New in version 1.4:

  • browser plugin for Firefox/Chrome/Opera (Internet Explorer is not supported). It's not installed by default so you have to check the apropriate checkbox in the installer
  • IFilter that enables full-text search of PDF files in Windows Desktop Search (i.e. search from Windows Vista/7's Start Menu). Also not installed by default
  • scrolling with right mouse button
  • you can choose a custom installation directory in the intstaller
  • menu items for re-opening current document in Foxit and PDF-XChange (if they're installed)
  • we no longer compress the installer executable with mpress. It caused some anti-virus programs to falsely report Sumatra as a virus. The downside is that the binaries on disk are now bigger. Note: we still compress the portable .zip version
  • -title cmd-line option was removed
  • support for AES-256 encrypted PDF documents
  • fixed an integer overflow reported by Jeroen van der Gun and and other small fixes and improvements to PDF handling

What's New in version 1.3:

  • improved text selection and copying. We now mimic the way a browser or Adobe Reader works: just select text with mouse and use Ctrl-C to copy it to a clipboard
  • Shift+Left Mouse now scrolls the document, Ctrl+Left mouse still creates a rectangular selection (for copying images)
  • 'c' shortcut toggles continuous mode
  • '+' / '*' on the numeric keyboard now do zoom and rotation
  • added toolbar icons for Fit Page and Fit Width and updated the look of toolbar icons
  • add support for back/forward mouse buttons for back/forward navigation
  • 1.2 introduces a new full screen mode and made it the default full screen mode. Old mode was still available but not easily discoverable. We've added View/Presentation menu item for new full screen mode and View/Fullscreen menu item for the old full screen mode, to make it more discoverable
  • new, improved installer
  • improved zoom performance (zooming to 6400 percent no longer crashes)
  • text find uses less memory
  • further printing improvements
  • translation updates
  • updated to latest mupdf for misc bugfixes and improvements
  • use libjpeg-turbo library instead of libjpeg, for faster decoding of some PDFs
  • updated openjpeg library to version 1.4 and freetype to version 2.4.4
  • fixed 2 integer overflows reported by Stefan Cornelius from Secunia Research

What's New in version 1.2:

  • improved printing: faster and uses less resources
  • add Ctrl-Y as a shortcut for Custom Zoom
  • add Ctrl-A as a shortcut for Select All Text
  • improved full screen mode
  • open embedded PDF documents
  • allow saving PDF document attachements to disk
  • latest fixes and improvements to PDF rendering from mupdf project

What's New in version 1.1:

  • added book view ('View/Book View' menu item) option. It's known as 'Show Cover Page During Two-Up' in Adobe Reader
  • added 'File/Properties' menu item, showing basic information about PDF file
  • added 'File/Send by email' menu
  • added export as text. When doing 'File/Save As', change 'Save As types' from 'PDF documents' to 'Text documents'. Don't expect miracles, though. Conversion to text is not very good in most cases.
  • auto-detect commonly used TeX editors for inverse-search command
  • bug fixes to PDF handling (more PDFs are shown correctly)
  • misc bug fixes and small improvements in UI
  • add Ctrl + and Ctrl – as shortcuts for zooming (matches Adobe Reader)

What's New in version 1.0.1:

  • many memory leaks fixed (Simon Bünzli)
  • potential crash due to stack corruption (pointed out by Christophe Devine)
  • making Sumatra default PDF reader no longer asks for admin privileges on Vista/Windows 7
  • translation updates