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Release Date:   2014-10-20

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 Reviewed on December 17, 2013

Most of us have experienced the painful inconvenience of losing contacts in our cell phone address books. The situation is even worse if you lose most or all the data on your phone considering the various ways in which you use the mobile device. Thankfully, there are nowadays ways of backing up your phone content on a computer for later use. If you have an Android phone, then SyncDroid is a perfect choice.

SyncDroid is a complete Android backup utility that you can use to store contacts, SMS, call logs, browser bookmarks, audio, video and photos in both the SD card and the camera app on the phone.

Installing and Using SyncDroid

The installation process was smooth and fast. When the process completed, the program guided us on how to activate debugging mode on Android phones using different OS versions, but we had already activated ours. The graphic guide is ideal for a newbie who may have difficulty locating the feature.

It then asked us to connect our phone to the PC via USB cable, and it detected and installed its software automatically. The exact image of our phone was then displayed on the left part of the program window, complete with whatever was on the screen. The display was dynamic, and it kept changing and showing what was currently active on the phone's display, whether they were messages or app icons on the standby screen.

Above the dynamic image was the name of the phone, and below it were respective sizes of phone and SD memories, including available spaces. We could select the things we wanted to back up on the right part of the user interface. We could also type our preferred backup name although the program automatically filled a name that included the name of the phone. In addition, we could include a note about the backup, which was optional.

The program gave us the option to access the content we had just backed up. It backs up all images on the phone or SD card, including icons.

During a restore, you can choose the package you want to restore because you may have several backups. Then you will select the categories you want to restore and choose whether to overwrite files with similar names.

When we say you can use SyncDroid to backup and restore Android, it does not necessarily mean you have to return the data to the original phone. The backed up data can be transferred to any Android phone.


If you are only interested in an Android backup and restore utility, then SyncDroid will serve you well, and for free. If you want to access, browse and manipulate the content of your phone via a computer, however, then look for another application.

Software Product Description

Free Android Backup and Restore utility.


"Does not work for my phone"

Reviewer: -RonnieJ

Review Date: 2014-06-02

Pros: nothing

Cons: will not load on my phone..Galaxy S4 I run the debug as instructed, but will not find or load my phone driver

Other Thoughts: None


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