TextWand (MacOS)      

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Release Date:   2010-06-18

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OS:  MacOS

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Software Product Description

TextWand is your Desktop Messenger that works on other Mobile and PC platforms too. It runs as a service in the background so you can get Push messages instantly like SMS, except that it is completely free to use globally.

You can also install TextWand on your Android, Windows Mobile and other Phones from Any message that you send or receive from your Phone is also automatically synced to your PC.

TextWand allows you to combine the experience of E-Mail, SMS and Chat tools all rolled into one.


  • Instant Messaging - Even when the app is closed.
  • Sync to Phone - All messages are on your phone and pc.
  • Secure - TextWand messages are Encrypted.
  • Group messaging - Easily add users to an ongoing conversation.
  • Always online - Like SMS, messages are always delivered, even when the user is not connected.
  • Unlimited Message Size - Long messages are easy to send.
  • Offline communication - Read and write messages even when you are offline.
  • Update old messages - Change what you sent yesterday.
  • FAST - TextWand is SUPER FAST to use on your Desktop.
  • FREE - Completely Free. Only uses your internet for data.

Enjoy TextWand and let us know how we can improve it on our Discussion Forum: