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Release Date:   2021-06-04

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OS:  Windows / Mac OS X 10.4+

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Reviewed on June 04, 2021

Browsing protection and ad blocking extension for Chrome browsers.

Trend Micro Check is a free security protection tool that lets you know when and if you are being threatened by phishing websites that will steal your data, shopping on scam websites, or reading false information. In addition, it includes an AdBlock to put an end to all those pop-up ads that spoil your social media and video viewing.

Whether on Facebook, YouTube, or any other website or application that is an important part of your social life, pop-ups are annoying. Messages asking you to update information are frustrating - especially when the likelihood that you just might possibly lose access if you ignore them and don't update. Not knowing that you're reading fake news could get you in trouble down the road. You can solve all these problems by installing the Trend Micro Check extension on your Chrome or Edge browser.

With the browser extension installed, you can check websites for misinformation every time you land somewhere you haven't been before.

  • Identify malicious sites and phishing websites that are reputed to steal data.
  • Be warned when you land on a fake scam shopping site, and investment opportunity site, or gambling website
  • Get facts checked when you read articles on news and other information sites
  • Block annoying pop-ups ads and banners
  • Get alerted if your email address has been leaked

You can cross-check any website for misinformation or disinformation once you install the browser extension. The tool works in real-time 24/7 to ensure that you are always protected from malicious websites and pop-ups.

Twenty-four-hour protection

Downloaded and installed, you'll need to enable a number of permissions in order for the extension to provide you with protection from malicious sites. Once installed with the required permissions, you have the option to pin the tool to your browser toolbar to have it readily available to check websites for misinformation. Just click to open it when you want to:

  • Check a suspicious link - a popup lets you know if it's a safe website or scam website
  • Input any information to verify its authenticity - it will be checked against the leading fact-check organizations/the real story will be displayed
  • Rate a news source address - you'll receive a trust rating and details of the organization's history
  • Check an email message asking you to update information - you'll be informed when this is untrue
  • Check any offer received for investment or sale price opportunities - the tool will let you know if it's a phishing message

Whether you use it to check a website for misinformation or to ensure that you're not exposing yourself to fraud, Trend Micro Check is a handy browser extension to have installed to verify news credibility, the safety of links to unknown websites, or be alerted to scams.

Software Product Description

Misinformation and scams detection tool for Chrome browsers.