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Release Date:   2018-04-09

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

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You have to be extra careful when installing programs nowadays because the installers often try to add third-party applications, which are not even related to what you are installing. Unfortunately, the software makers strive to be as sneaky as they can, and you can easily install programs you do not want. It is highly likely that you have installed some software only to realize your home page or default search engine has changed. What is even more annoying is that removing some of the installed adware is not as straight forward as uninstalling other programs.

Unchecky will help you keep out the unwanted programs, ensuring you only install what is related to the software you want. The application basically keeps checkboxes of unrelated programs unchecked so you do not inadvertently install them.

Using Unchecky

The small application did not provide any customization option, but we did not see the need for configuring it to work. The option it gave on the main window was the ability to temporarily suspend its background service. It normally runs constantly in RAM to provide real time monitoring of any installation.

We tested Unchecky by installing software we knew installed several 'offers' without even prompting users to add or skip them. It automatically unchecked unrelated offers, which was a great help in skipping even the offers we spotted easily, as we did not have to click each to unmark their checkboxes. It also eliminated the chances of missing an offer we did not want to install.

In addition to keeping unrelated offers unchecked, the program warned us whenever we accepted to install an offer we probably did not want. The warnings helped us avoid installing unwanted applications by mistake.

This is useful considering that not all installers provide checkboxes for offers. For example, some installers only provide the buttons to accept and install or decline. In such instances, declining does not cancel the installation of the main product but only skips installation of the offer. When we clicked the 'accept and install' button, Unchecky immediately displayed a pop-up window warning us that we were about to install a potentially unwanted program.


Unchecky is a handy utility for skipping the installation of unrelated programs that installers usually include. Although the application constantly runs in the background in RAM, it is so small and requires little system resources that you will not notice any change in performance.

Software Product Description

Unchecky automatically unchecks unrelated offers, both saving you mouse clicks and making it less likely to miss a checkbox of an unwanted offer.