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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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While Windows operating system comes with a standard program uninstaller, it has limited options. UninstallView gives users the opportunity to do more than simply remove programs installed on their computers. It can provide different details about the programs installed on a local system, connected external hard drive or a remote computer. You can also use it to remove applications on both local and remote systems.

Features and Functions

UninstallView is a portable application that does not require additional DLL files. You only need to launch the executable file from the location where you have saved it.

When you launch the intuitive program uninstaller, it scans your computer and collects information about all installed programs, which it then displays on the user interface in rows and columns. The details it shows include display name, registry name, display version, registry time, installed time, install location and users for whom the programs are installed. The installed programs are listed in alphabetical order.

Once the software has loaded information from the Windows Registry, you can load more details from other sources by pressing the F9 key and selecting the desired option. A combo-box lets you choose either current or all users from both local and remote systems, external drives or older uninstall information from a shadow copy. You need to run the program with administrator privileges to use the last option.

Depending on the amount of information that you want, you can choose among slow, medium and fast loading speeds. The slow mode, which is the default option, provides the most details.

You also have three options when it comes to uninstalling programs. You can uninstall the selected program, change its install or quietly uninstall it if it supports this option.

UninstallView supports command-line options.


UninstallView is a powerful program uninstaller that handles local and remote systems in addition to external hard drives. The software first collects official program information from the Registry and then tries to find any missing details from various sources. Please note that the unofficial information may be inaccurate. The software is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit editions of all Windows operating systems from Windows XP.

Software Product Description

Displays the details of the installed programs.