VectorEngineer Quick-Tools v1.0      

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Release Date:   2004-01-01

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VectorEngineer is a 2d cad system originally developed as a technical drawing program to produce working drawings for engineering projects. It's perfect for quickly drawing out your idea or making complicated drawings of that future HoverBoard your going to build. If you're like me, my paper drawings look more like a five year-olds picture of a whale then plans for a HoverBoard. This program makes it super easy to be neat and organized, by allowing you to set up a customized grid that the mouse can snap-to. If your looking for a 3D CAD program that requires training to use, then look elsewhere; But if your looking for an easy and effective CAD program for the average-Joe, then you need this program.



Reviewer: -Austink

Review Date: 2005-10-24

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Other Thoughts: First you really need to spend 5 min. in the setup. after that, you can easily make awesome diagrams of drawings. I already made a in depth one for a school science project. Highly recommended!


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