Virtual Hypnotist 5.8      

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Release Date:   2009-04-03

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Software Product Description

Virtual Hypnotist is a free, open source, interactive hypnosis program, and is a rewrite of Hypnotizer 2000.

It includes features such as voice recognition, speech synthesis, subliminal messages, completely customizable scripts (featuring a unique scripting language), videos, audio, and lots more. Its purpose is to simulate a real hypnosis session as much as possible.


  • Script maker, for easily editing scripts, and for creating your own, which uses a flexible and unique scripting language.
  • Binaural brainwave synchronizer, for generating sounds that help induce hypnosis (sync brainwaves), and for providing flashing color bars that visually also sync brainwaves.
  • Lots of pre-made scripts, from inductions, deepeners, suggestions, etc.
  • Two subliminal message systems, which add visual subliminal messages in sessions, and even let you display them on your computer screen while you work
  • Hypnotic visual maker, for designing your own hypnotic effects
  • Cool presets that get you started instantly
  • A session logbook that lets you write down successes, notes, ideas, etc.
  • Fully customizable hypnosis sessions
  • Complete speech synthesis; choose from a selection of multiple voices, and even use other SAPI4 or SAPI5-compliant speech engines (only partial SAPI5 support is implemented).
  • Speech recognition that lets you verbally respond to questions and prompts while under hypnosis
  • Easy and powerful scripting language called ISL used for creating and processing scripts
  • Animated characters used as virtual 'hypnotists'
  • Pop-up sessions, where the program can hide in the background and 'pop up' at a certain time, and start the hypnotic induction
  • Support for video files and flash animations, via Windows Media and Macromedia Flash, and even lots of videos/animations included
  • Speed controls, to slow down and speed up both audio and video
  • HypnoChat and Remote Controller, an AIM-compatible instant messaging system that allows one user of Virtual Hypnotist control another user's program over the Internet with the subject's consent, and even supports group sessions
  • Complete tray icon and popup menu support
  • Text-only sessions that display text on the screen instead of using the speech system.
  • Background and Subliminal modes
  • Support for playing hypnosis audio files, while using Virtual Hypnotist for graphics
  • 3D graphics support with the TrueVision3D graphics engine
  • Video and audio volume and rate changing support
  • Session previewing support
  • WAV file output support (SAPI5 only)
  • Script Processor Console which allows a user to operate the script system in an interactive manner
  • Script Converter for converting standard text scripts to the ISL script format
  • Personalized information for use in sessions (name, gender, and preferred trigger)
  • New GrockTunnel visual, which is a remake of the Grock hypnosis program, and supports word lists written for it.
  • Support for loading scripts, images, videos and audio directly from internet URLs
  • Comes with the Virtual Hypnotist User's Guide
  • All source code is included (written in Visual Basic 6)
  • And more

What's New in version 5.8:

  • fixed some phrasing in the users guide
  • added ColorTunnel preset buttons to the Visual Maker
  • new session wizard
  • reworked main screen for wizard
  • moved info on Hypnotizer 2000 from the main screen to the about screen credits
  • made global version string
  • URL loader now checks if URLs start with "http://", and fails otherwise, since app only supports web downloading
  • added a session load button on the main screen
  • added 9.mp3 and hypnoloop.mp3 files


Reviewer: -LDC

Review Date: 2006-11-04

Pros: None

Cons: None

Other Thoughts: Terrific little gimmick IF you can get it to work properly. I've had a lot of trouble trying to get it run properly but it's worth the effort.


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