Vivaldi for MacOS v3.8.2259.42      

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Release Date:   2021-05-11  | Changelog

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OS:  Mac OS X 10.5 +

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Reviewed on July 12, 2017

Vivaldi, the increasingly popular cross-platform browser from people who originally developed Opera, takes the some of the best of the Opera browser's features to display a polished GUI and interesting innovations. It's open-source Chromium-based, powered by the Blink engine and, as such, rivals Google Chrome in HTML5 standards compliance and JavaScript performance.

Like other Mac browsers, it does not quite measure up when compared to the latest version of Safari in terms of other browser performance benchmarks. However, we must remember that Safari has a bit of an edge in that it is optimized by Apple for MacOS. However, many will find Vivaldi's ease of use and customization, quick commands box and compact sidebar preferable when is comes to selecting a browser that can be customized to specifically meet their needs.

Vivaldi MacOS Web Browser Features

When first opened, the Vivaldi MacOS web browser takes you thorough its well-designed setup screens and the various elements can be placed for your personal convenience. And, if you change your mind, they can be adjusted via the browser's equally well-designed preferences interface later.

The tab bar of the resulting attractive interface changes color to match the current web page and the progress bar displays the percentage and number of page elements being loaded. There is a Quick Commands box, accessible by keyboard shortcut, to enable effortless jumping between tabs or other stored options. The sidebar is conveniently compact and stores quickly accessible bookmarks, notepad, searchable download archive and you can add other options.

Tabbed pages can be previewed on hovering or seen all at the same time, by pulling down the bottom of the tab bar. They can be displayed side-by-side or in a grid and stacked to create separate stacks for different purposes or interests.

Looks and Convenience:

  • Web page zoom.
  • Scale elements of interface.
  • Customize speed dial background image.
  • Interface adapts to web page color.
  • One-click user interface color change.
  • Mouse gestures.
  • Keyboard shortcuts.


  • Make notes, including screenshots, and link them while browsing.
  • Browse sites side-by-side.
  • Fast access side panel for bookmarks, notes, downloads, etc.
  • Customizable and multi-engine search box.


  • Speed dial tab interface for quick links.
  • Quick text commands.
  • Speed dial folders.
  • Jump web pages in sequence and back to first page visited.


  • Stack tabs and view as grid or side-by-side.
  • Quick navigation between open tabs.
  • Save open tabs as sets.
  • Preview open tabs in expanded tab bar.
  • View stacked tabs in a grid or side-by-side.


  • Easy access and management of bookmarks in a toolbar.
  • Nickname-able bookmarks with fast access right from the address bar.


Vivaldi is a superior MacOS web browser for multi-tasking and creating a truly convenient user interface. It has very attractive design elements so that it's highly pleasing for the aesthetes among us - and who doesn't appreciate working with a display that looks good? The only possible drawback would appear in there being a bit of an impact on your CPU and battery if tab creation of multi-media sites gets too excessive. It's Chromium base means you can access and add extensions available from the Chrome Web Store.

Software Product Description

Surf the web with this free browser for MacOS.