What's New in version 3.8.2259.37:

  • [New][Themes][Panels] Background image redesign (VB-75386)
  • [New][Themes] Updated Themes, Background images, and colors for 3.8 (VB-77790)
  • [New][Bookmarks] Autocomplete description field (VB-1706)
  • [New][Bookmarks][Speed Dial] Make adding items use less clicks (VB-73690)
  • [New][Menus][Search] Selection context menu option for a search engine should have a choice between a fixed engine and the last selected (VB-78755)
  • [New][Panels] Add Wikipedia and Vivaldi Help page as default Web Panels (VB-72031)
  • [New][Quick Commands][Extensions] Open Popups and Options Page (VB-60052)
  • [New][Quick Commands][Tabs][Keyboard][Gestures] Open new tab outside stack should be possible (VB-78022)
  • [Address bar] Copy URL from address field with query decodes the parameters (VB-77543)
  • [Address bar] Paste & Go highlights URL before navigating (VB-77518)
  • [Address bar][Settings] New tab page setting makes content is not selected on certain URLs (VB-75743)
  • [Blocker] The Tracking Protection Level options donít show up on some sites (VB-72116)
  • [Blocker][Settings] 'Manage Default Button' opens General category (VB-78552)
  • [Bookmarks] Metadata isnít fetched (VB-77913)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 90.0.4430.95
  • [Clock] Hour and minute are misaligned in the status bar (VB-78750)
  • [Crash] After revisiting tab with javascript confirm popup from Developer Tools (VB-78703)
  • [Crash] Ensure document menu is closed when tab closes (VB-79056)
  • [Crash] Opening and immediately closing a private window, then opening a normal window (VB-78862)
  • [Crash] Sometimes when pressing the back button on the mouse (VB-78495)
  • [Crash][Blocker] On certain sites if uBlock Origin installed and the blocking level of the native blocker is changed (VB-78996)
  • [FLoC] Remove various references to it from components (VB-78669)
  • [Keyboard][Quick commands] Add 'Disable Mouse Gestures' (VB-34676)
  • [Languages] Kabyle is missing date strings (VB-78043)
  • [Languages] The 'Manage Default Settings' button in the content blocker popup is too narrow (VB-71127)
  • [Linux][Media] Update proprietary codecs to 89.0.4389.90
  • [Menus] Let 'open in private window' be enabled from a private window (VB-78060)
  • [Menus] Move the 'reopen closed tab' command to the top (VB-78496)
  • [Menus][Address bar] Right-click breaks after right-click on empty trash (VB-78704)
  • [Menus][Bookmarks] Action to add separator missing (VB-78383)
  • [Menus][Developer Tools] Appears twice in the context menu when not shown as subfolder (VB-78075)
  • [Menus][Extensions] Hidden items get displayed (VB-78960)
  • [Menus][Media] Audio and Video entries not shown when right-clicking a video (VB-78044)
  • [Menus][Notes] Creating a note from a text field fails (VB-78284)
  • [Menus][Sync] Sending links to other devices via sync no longer possible (VB-78346)
  • [Menus][Tabs] Change 'New Tab Stack' to 'Stack Selected Tabs (x Tabs)' (VB-78213)
  • [Menus][Tabs] Enable context menu in second level (VB-78590)
  • [Menus][Panels] Context menu to open in a new window opens in a private window (VB-78119)
  • [Periodic Reload] Elements/UI blinking during periodic reload (VB-78421)
  • [Pop out Video] Prevent PIP container from blocking content (VB-69092)
  • [Search] Searx POST unavailable/defective from Search Field (VB-68138)
  • [Settings] Focus Page Content on new tab (VB-78096)
  • [Speed Dial] Align add button text to center (VB-78240)
  • [Speed Dial][Settings] Updated layout for Start Page (VB-72606)
  • [Tabs] Blinking when hovering over the mute icon of an inactive pinned tab (VB-79025)
  • [Tabs] Canít drag a tab out of a compact tab stack (VB-77749)
  • [Tabs] Cloning a tab in a tab stack should have it join stack (VB-78640)
  • [Tabs] Cloning multiple tabs shifts focus to each individual tab (VB-76662)
  • [Tabs] Donít highlight tab when dragging over the edges (VB-77811)
  • [Tabs] Drag and drop highlighting for pinned tabs should be distinct (VB-77742)
  • [Tabs] Drag tab fails on certain sites (VB-78066)
  • [Tabs] Moving tabs in private windows impossible (VB-77154)
  • [Tabs] Only highlight content inside the outline of tabs when stacking (VB-77888)
  • [Tabs] Order changes when added as a stack from left (VB-77724)
  • [Tabs] Page Tiling resets existing selection (VB-78352)
  • [Tabs] Renamed stack loses name when merging with another tab (VB-77843)
  • [Tabs] Selection inside of stack selects in a main row too (VB-76565)
  • [Tabs] Selection outline is uneven (VB-77854)
  • [Tabs] Unnecessary padlock icon change while loading URL (VB-77519)
  • [Tabs] Update middle mouse click handling in tabs (VB-78398)
  • [Tabs][Panels] Stackís name is different between Window Panel and Tab bar (VB-78037)
  • [Themes] Background image obscured for tiled internal pages (VB-78393)
  • [UI] Search-in-page field loses focus on URL change (VB-78058)
  • [UI] Stuck in full-screen state after creating new tab from full-screen video (VB-77692)
  • [Windows] Problems with setting the default browser on Windows 8 (VB-78770)
  • [Windows] Use transparent start menu icon in Windows 8/10 (VB-78046)
  • [Windows][Installer] 64bit installed over 32bit is not handled well (VB-79028)

What's New in version 3.7.2218.58:

  • [Chromium][Security] Backported patch for issue under active attack (CVE-2021-21224

What's New in version 3.7.2218.49:

  • [Extensions][Crash] Via GM_download() in Tampermonkey (VB-77791)
  • [Windows] Old shortcuts to launch Vivaldi are broken for some users (VB-78070)
  • Translation updates

What's New in version 3.7.2218.45:


  • [New][Languages] Add support for Kabyle (VB-77579)
  • [New][Menus] Add support for configurable document menus (VB-76801)
  • [New][Panel][Reload] Support Periodic Reload in web panels (VB-72220)
  • [New][Quick Commands] Parse the periodic reload values: single quote for minutes and double for seconds (VB-72281)
  • [New][Quick Commands][Settings] Search highlight priority options (VB-54530)
  • [New][Windows] Silent update support, stage 1, silent download of updates: this cannot be tested until the first update after this build

Address Bar:

  • [Address bar] Cannot edit URL on (VB-77016)
  • [Address bar] Focus isnít in the address field when creating a new window (VB-77049)
  • [Address bar] Nickname searching shows incorrect search string (VB-60002)
  • [Address bar] Not clear on Alt + Enter (VB-77490)
  • [Address bar] Unexpected auto-complete (VB-76610)
  • [Address bar][Tabs] Full address field shown when switching between tabs (VB-77053)
  • [Bookmarks] Import for Chromium Edge (VB-71694)


  • [Menus] Add a context menu entry to Hide/Show Start Page Navigation (VB-77309)
  • [Menus] 'Add as search engine' is visible on all page input fields (VB-76982)
  • [Menus][Tabs] Add item to stack similar tabs, 'Stack tabs by Hosts' via the context menu (VB-73465)
  • [Menus][Zoom] Context menu is offset when interface zoom is greater/less than 100&'37; (VB-77095)

Quick Commands:

  • [Quick Commands] Highlight matched keywords (VB-7449)
  • [Quick Commands] Internal favicons look rather slim (VB-74475)
  • [Quick Commands] Opening bookmark folder with a nickname (VB-75834)
  • [Quick Commands] Search with the nickname and default search engine includes nickname in the search string (VB-74655)
  • [Quick Commands] Various minor issues (VB-76009)
  • [Quick Commands][Calculator] Simple float point calculations are displayed wrongly (VB-75553)


  • [Tabs] Auto-Created tab stacks ungroup in incorrect order (VB-54403)
  • [Tabs] Canít display tab bar in full screen (VB-76386)
  • [Tabs] Double-clicking to resize tab stack doesnít resize tab when tabs are on the sides (VB-76224)
  • [Tabs] Improve drag and drop between tab bars (VB-74588)
  • [Tabs] Let the keyboard shortcut for opening a new tab open inside a stack is open (VB-76433)
  • [Tabs] Lock button in the two-level bar does not change color (VB-75157)
  • [Tabs] Middle clicking in tab previews can close the wrong tab (VB-77270)
  • [Tabs] New tab button is not centered in the second level with tabs on the sides (VB-76440)[
  • Tabs] New tab from full-screen video leaves Vivaldi in a full-screen state (VB-76651)
  • [Tabs] New tab isnít created as active when inside tab stack (VB-77071)
  • [Tabs] New tab page is slow to select/focus within the second row of tabs (VB-75748)
  • [Tabs] Not all cloned tabs from a tab-stack join it (VB-75048)
  • [Tabs] Popup thumbnails often disappear when the second level is open (VB-76828)
  • [Tabs] Tab muting can be overridden by site-settings (VB-76083)
  • [Tabs] 'Remove tab spacing in maximized windows' no longer works for the bottom tab bar position (VB-76231)
  • [Tabs][Crash] When clicking the new tab icon repeatedly on the second level of a stack (VB-76552)
  • [Tabs][Extensions] Tab close doesnít work after doing chrome.tabs.remove() by extension (VB-77135)
  • [Tabs][Menus] Donít show the close tab context menu for Pinned tab (VB-76217)
  • [Tabs][Notes] Manager misbehaves with tiled tabs (VB-76326)
  • [Tabs][Performance] Various Performance issues (VB-76185)
  • [Tabs][Sounds] Mute/unmute on a tab without sound does not change (VB-77062)


  • [Extensions] Toolbar partly transparent (VB-76605)
  • [Keyboard][Settings] Setting Alt+F4 or Shift+Alt+F4 as a hotkey works but it still acts as exit (VB-60364)
  • [Passwords][Windows][macOS] Import from Chrome is not possible: further work needed for Linux (VB-62410)
  • [Periodic reload] Rewrite to avoid various issues (VB-77142)
  • [Themes] Inconsistency with rounded corners (VB-76670)
  • [Trash] Restoring closed window with several tabs restores last closed tab instead (VB-74091)
  • [UI] Status info overlay is appearing on top of fullscreen videos (VB-12219)
  • [Windows] Desktop shortcut gets the wrong name after dragging from address field (VB-47827)
  • [Settings][Search] Add some context and info to the POST option (VB-77267)
  • [Settings][Search] Make it easier to set/understand the Default Search engine (VB-77105)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 89.0.4389.91

What's New in version 3.6.2165.40:

  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 88.0.4324.186
  • [Crash][Panels] Guest Profile can open a new window and crash from Window Panel (VB-76738)
  • [Crash] when ending tab share with getDisplayMedia (VB-76030)
  • [Downloads] Problems downloading from Google services, e.g cannot export Google Contacts (0 bytes) (VB-40929)
  • [Windows] Wrong character coding in the browser update dialog: testable from the update after this (VB-76409)

What's New in version 3.6.2165.36:

  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 88.0.4324.151
  • [Crash][Regression] On opening new window within guest profile (VB-76653)
  • [Developer Tools] Security Tab does not display information in overview (VB-67178)
  • [Regression] UI 'freezes' after a period of inactivity (VB-75959)
  • [Tabs][Stacking] Border corner radius indicator wrong for tabs on the bottom (VB-76501)
  • [Themes][Regression] Very dark colors can cause freezes (VB-76478)
  • [Themes][Regression] White flash when loading websites from Speed Dial with dark mode enabled (VB-69225)

What's New in version 3.6.2165.34:

  • [Panels][Downloads][Regression] ďRemove all finishedĒ does nothing (VB-75914).
  • Translation updates.

What's New in version 3.5.2115.87:

  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 87.0.4280.142
  • [Linux] Signing key updated

What's New in version 3.5.2115.73:


  • [Address bar] Trash should contain more than 25 items: now 100 and not cleared on exit (VB-74499)
  • [Configurable menus] Enable shortcuts in context menus (VB-73358)
  • [Configurable menus] Make menus on start page configurable (VB-73602)
  • [Settings] Accept-language setting (VB-3355)
  • [Settings] Make Google components optional: Hangouts, Cast, Cloud Print (VB-66018)
  • [Settings] Permanent close tab button setting for use on touchscreen devices (VB-12197)
  • [Tabs] Add Setting for opening a tab in the background by default (VB-10879)
  • [Tabs] Clone tab in background option (VB-14136)
  • [Tabs] Updated Tab Stack tool-tips (VB-73673)
  • [URL Sharing][Address bar][QR] Add support for sharing via QR code (VB-72604)

Address Bar:

  • &'37; doesn't get encoded (VB-73959)
  • Cropping the URL discards the port information (VB-72226)
  • Editing URL removes slash from path (VB-71838)
  • Moving addresses and text to and from the address bar does not work as expected (VB-73930)
  • No autocomplete on vivaldi:// (VB-73275)
  • Question mark is stripped from URL (VB-71999)
  • Show Full Address ignored when URL field text gets selected (VB-71081)
  • URL string resets briefly before loading new page (VB-73309)

Break Mode:

  • Make hidden items un-clickable (VB-73829)
  • [Status bar] Button doesn't change when clicked (VB-73097)


  • Cannot play data URIs as a video/audio SRC (Naver TV site video does not play) (VB-70553)
  • Problems with DRM support on various sites (VB-72722)


  • Empty entries in tab sync menu (VB-73353)
  • Move Settings from 'Tools' to Root folder in the vertical menu (VB-73524)
  • The centre of the settings icon is not transparent (VB-72446)
  • [Periodic reload] Not available in all menus for customisation (VB-72749)


  • 'Add attachment' button is not translated (VB-74052)
  • [Panel] Add tooltip on hovering notes (VB-40828)


  • Should offer to tile tabs in the window panel, if more than the currently tiled are selected (VB-72050)
  • Width not preserved across sessions (VB-69937)
  • [Performance] Instagram slow the UI when leaving the page in the background (VB-74642)

Periodic Reload:

  • Stacking tabs causes automatic reload to break (VB-74097)
  • Stops working (VB-73130)

Speed Dials:

  • Custom folder images maybe not fill the full folder area (VB-73408)
  • Use 'Aurora Light' as Default Background (VB-73071)


  • Always show tab close buttons on a touchscreen device (VB-12197)
  • Missing audio identification in the tab cycler (VB-72051)
  • Shutdown while in fullscreen video causes the Status Bar and Tab Bar to be lost on restart (VB-71702)
  • Tile automatically if they were previously tiled (VB-53778)
  • Updated Tab Stack tooltips: Unified border-radius and better text contrast (VB-73673)


  • Custom theme resets on the new window (VB-73103)
  • Image foreground color not calculated against blended page color (VB-73330)
  • Make highlight color more vibrant (VB-73430)
  • Menu button for some themes have a forced red color in some themes (VB-73422)
  • Scheduled themes needs a new window to take effect (VB-73144)


  • [URL Sharing][Address bar][QR][Themes] QR Code pop-up is unreadable on the dark theme (VB-74405)
  • [User Profiles] Closing all tabs in the guest window does not show intro (VB-73711)
  • [Blocker] Remove the adblock list from preset adblock sources (VB-71901)
  • [Configurable menus] Grouping context menu entries in folders creates empty items (VB-73160)
  • [Cookies][Dialog] Text in cookie blocked dialog too big causing button to be cut off (VB-72181)
  • [Developer Tools][Crash] When closing undocked (VB-72534)
  • [History] Problems displaying in Persian (VB-69116)
  • [Keyboard] Single key shortcuts lead to changing tab on some input fields: further, fix (VB-72174)
  • [Print] Preview fails/loads endless (VB-71592)
  • [Settings] No way to enable and disable the blocking of third-party cookies in Private Window (VB-74242)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 87.0.4280.88

What's New in version 3.4.2066.106:

  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 86.0.4240.198

What's New in version 3.4.2066.99:

  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 86.0.4240.195

What's New in version 3.4.2066.94:

  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 86.0.4240.185

What's New in version 3.4.2066.88:

  • [Address bar][Security] Spoofing issue that shows the wrong URL at the same time as a progress bar (VB-70637)
  • [Linux][Media] Update proprietary codecs to 86.0.4240.75
  • [macOS] No Ctrl+click context menu on some systems (VB-72136)
  • [Quick Commands] Improve Speed (VB-72021)

What's New in version 3.4.2066.76:

More is more: configure context menus, add custom links:

  • Configurable menus, a functionality that Vivaldi introduced recently, lets you move your most frequent actions to the top of the menu in the vertical menu, facilitating quick access, and adjusting to individual workflows.
  • Now menu customization goes up a notch and you are able to configure context menus (right-click menus). Rearrange, add or remove the actions needed and tailor the browser according to your preferred workflow.
  • For example, move 'Open in New Background Tab' to the top in the Bookmark Bar Item Context menu, add a direct link to the Vivaldi Forum in the main Vivaldi menu or make the menus compact by removing all the menu items that are not used.
  • With no limit to customization, you can even add fun elements by renaming the menu items with emojis.
  • Furthermore, custom entries can also be added to menus. For example, add the new Vivaldia game or any preferred site to the menu via an 'Open link' command.
  • Adjust the menu via 'Settings ? Appearance ? Menu'.

Periodic Reload of Tab: Stay up to date:

  • Vivaldi's comprehensive tab handling gets even better with Periodic Reload of Tab Ė ensuring you are on the latest version of the site when you switch to a tab.
  • To enable Periodic Reload of Tab, right-click on a tab, move the mouse over the Periodic Reload menu entry, and select one of the available reload intervals.
  • The reload values for the tab can be set via a fixed list on the context menu of the tab or through quick commands to set an interval value (in seconds, with a minimum of 60).
  • There's also a small countdown animation Ė a progress bar displayed underneath the tab to show the remaining time until the tab is reloaded automatically.

Periodic Reload of tabs is particularly useful while using other features in the browser. For example:

  • Set a tab with a news site on period reload when using Tab Tiling.
  • Or while working on another tab.
  • Or while refreshing a page that displays random content on every load.
  • Or simply to limit the memory usage of a site if it increases over time.
  • The Periodic Reload feature can be easily moved into a more convenient location or removed courtesy of the new context menu editing options.

And there's more:

  • Capture directly to a new note: Capture options now include the ability to capture a screenshot directly into a new note. You can highlight the part of a page or choose a full page capture and create a note, a very helpful feature for doing research.
  • Choose a new avatar: You have the option to select a custom image for non-synced profiles via a new plus icon in the top left of the profile manager.
  • Easier Speed Dial folder creation: Simply drag one item onto another to create folders within your Speed Dial, making it even easier to reorganize and optimize access to your favorite web sites.
  • Simpler tiling: All tiling commands now take into consideration your previously active tab. So that your current and last accessed tab will be tiled, when not working with selections or stacks. You can activate tiling commands via Quick Commands, keyboard shortcuts or even map your own mouse gestures.

Full changelog:

New Features:

  • Vivaldia game (VB-70893)
  • [Menus] Add support for custom links via an 'Open link' command (VB-72316)
  • [Menus] Support for configurable context menus (VB-71660)
  • [Notes][Capture] Option to directly attach a screenshot to a note (VB-71725)
  • [Quick Commands][Keyboard][Gestures] Improved tiling commands: prioritizes 1) current tab selection, 2) current tab stack, 3) active + last visible tab (VB-71223)
  • [Speed Dial] Drag one item onto another to create a folder with both (VB-29880)
  • [Tabs] Periodic reloader with custom intervals (VB-7524)
  • [User Profiles] Allow for using a local image as avatar image (VB-71849)

Address Bar:

  • Focus removes double slashes after URL scheme in extension URLs (VB-71625)
  • Need to double tap delete when editing a suggested URL (VB-72426)
  • Search fails when clicking 'Go to address' (VB-71346)
  • Search parsing breaks with Google's 'site:' search (VB-72423)
  • URL gets cleared when moving the tab between windows (VB-71907)
  • [Settings] 'Include Browser History' option reverts to unchecked (VB-71350)


  • Focus styling bugs in the bookmark bar (VB-71597)
  • 'New Folder' in Bookmarks not selected on creation (VB-71397)
  • [Address bar][Themes] Add bookmark in address bar becomes 'invisible' (VB-64131)

Break Mode:

  • End break when closing browser (VB-71530)
  • Make it easier for user to exit: allow the user to click play to resume (VB-72861)

Popout Video:

  • Allow PiP window to be larger than half the monitor size (VB-72508)
  • Now available for Dailymotion videos (VB-69364)


  • Small tab internal page favicons disappear when hovered (VB-71602)
  • Tiling button sets incorrect default layout (VB-71508)
  • 'Hibernate background tabs' hibernates visible tabs (VB-13680)


  • Accent Color from active page still not working reliably (VB-72133)
  • [Tabs] Use 'highlight' color for selection (VB-57784)


  • [Blocker] Format blocking exceptions and warn if invalid (VB-69511)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 86.0.4240.101
  • [Clock][Toolbars] Drop-down arrow starts over button instead of underneath (VB-71654)
  • [HiDPI] Find in Page match highlight duplicated with wrong offset (VB-72127)
  • [Linux][Media] Update proprietary codecs to 85.0.4183.121
  • [Notes][Themes] Notes Editor in Private Window has wrong text color (VB-71077)
  • [Permission notifications] Default Permission for 'Popups' reverts from 'Ask' to 'Block' (VB-71357)
  • [Screen capture] Not possible to cancel capture with mouse or on touch screen (VB-44466)
  • [Settings] Remove defunct buttons in Startpage background settings (VB-70509)
  • [Spatial Navigation] Problems with scrolling and indicator init: handles cases when scrolling and no elements are available
  • [Speed Dial] 'Paste & go' option in search opens two pages (VB-58834)
  • [Web Panels] Download links don't work (VB-53443)
  • [Welcome page] Updates (VB-71601)
  • [Windows] Vivaldi taskbar icon targets vivaldi_proxy.exe (VB-72821)
  • [macOS] Will not maximize on double click (VB-71676)